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  1. ‘The synthesisers in the early days of EBM’ – Back in time with Lederman / De Meyer
  2. Bureau B releases archive material by Lapre aka Rudolf Langer (Tyndall) and guitarist Peter Preuß
  3. New Chris Liebing album to feature Gary Numan and other artists – 3rd track now available for preview
  4. Oscar and the Wolf today releases Deep Summer Remix of current single ‘Fever’
  5. ‘Click Interview’ with Rabia Sorda: ‘You Have To Acknowledge The Darkness Inside Of Every Human In Order To Fully Enjoy Life’
  6. New Psyclon Nine album coming out in August in 2 version (incl. vinyl)
  7. Brand new video and track for John Fryer’s project Black Needle Noise: ‘That Which Watches’ – watch it now
  8. UK synth pop act Cyber Monday launches new album ‘Store Debit’ – also available on USB !
  9. Ashbury Heights return with new album after 3 years: ‘The Victorian Wallflowers’
  10. Assemblage 23’s Tom Shear launches new project Helix – check the trailer
  11. ‘Click Interview’ with Juno Reactor: ‘A Collision Between Barbarella And Pan’s Labyrinth’
  12. Massive Nitzer Ebb vinyl boxset spanning 28 year long career including exclusive bonus tracks
  13. Bauhaus legend David J announces intimate solo UK dates + world tour with Peter Murphy
  14. Side-Line presents Infest UK 2018 feat. Empirion, Cubanate, Mesh, Actors, …
  15. Ascension Of The Watchers announces “Stormcrow”
  16. Attrition gives away horror film score ‘Invocation’ for free
  17. Chandeen returns with brand new 5-track EP ‘Rogue’ – listen here
  18. ‘Click Interview’ with BySenses: ‘We Are Not Chosen, We Are People’
  19. ‘Click Interview’ with Egoprisme: ‘My Goal Isn’t To Become Famous, But To Share Feelings Through Music’
  20. In Strict Confidence launches new EP ‘Mercy’
  21. Sola Fake launches ‘You Win. Who cares?’ boxset next to double vinyl and 2CD digipak set
  22. ArtOfFact launches mega deal on Bandcamp (1$ releases) – here’s what you can expect!
  23. Deine Lakaien announces acoustic tour for 2019 feat. Deine Lakaien, Helium Vola and Veljanov
  24. Nordvargr + Trepaneringsritualen launch ‘Alpha Ænigma’ album in a few weeks
  25. Cyber Monday interview: ‘I still label myself as a bit of a bedroom producer’
  26. ‘Click Interview’ with Metroland: ‘We Are Who We Are And Create A Sonic Pallet The Way We Want It’
  27. Apoptygma Berzerk double release for the 25th anniversary of ‘Soli Deo Gloria’
  28. Front 242 concert at M’era Luna 2018 now available for stream – here’s the link
  29. Dirk Da Davo back with ‘MOODS’ album – limited to 200 copies!
  30. Cocksure returns with a brand new album: ‘Be Rich’
  31. Essence Of Mind-founder releases first single of new project Lights A.M.
  32. ‘Click Interview’ with Kilmarth: ‘Music Is A Legal Drug That Has The Immense Power To Make Us Escape’
  33. 10 tips and composing advice from Jean-Marc Lederman (Lederman / De Meyer, The Weathermen, Fad Gadget, …)
  34. Josh T. Pearson covers Depeche Mode’s ‘Cover Me’ – listen here
  35. Rexx Arkana launches YouTube channel Statik Industrial TV – check out the first episode
  36. Soft Cell release first new song in 15 years: ‘Northern Lights’
  37. Skinny Puppy founder cEvin Key to release early demos – here are the links for the vinyl, download, …
  38. Camouflage to release 30th anniversary 2CD ‘Voices & Images’
  39. Icelandic electronic pioneer Reptilicus to release a collaboration album with Raster-Noton
  40. Cyber Monday revives ‘To have and have not’ by the cult New Romantics artist Ronny – download it for free!
  41. Primal Scream to release much wanted ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings’ in October
  42. Industrial/Electro artist I Ya Toyah premieres video new single ‘Farewell-Mirrors Don’t Lie’ on Side-Line
  43. Lana Del Rey defends decision to play Israel show
  44. ‘Click Interview’ with Schwarzblut: ‘Freedom, Identity And The Celebration Of Diversity’
  45. Empirion returns with double sided EP on vinyl (and CD): ‘I Am Electronic/ Red Noise’ – check out the first track
  46. In Strict Confidence to release double vinyl version of ‘Hate2love & Mercy’ in a very limited edition
  47. King Dude launches new album ‘Music To Make War To’ on vinyl as well – check first 2 new songs
  48. Click Interview’ with Hà; People 3 55: ‘I Think That Many So-Called ‘Industrial’ Bands Have Lost The Bestial Side Of This Music’
  49. Arsenal songwriter dies in major accident
  50. Diversant:13 (aka Divrsnt13) hits back with brand new EP: ‘Villain Royale’ – check the single previews!
  51. OMD to release new live album ‘Live with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’
  52. Dead Can Dance launch all new album ‘Dionysus’… without Lisa Gerrard
  53. Funker Vogt release official video for ‘Feel the Pain’ – watch it here
  54. ‘Click Interview’ with Aiboforcen: ‘The Aim Was To Have A Poppier Album’
  55. Mortiis announces a new string of ‘Era 1’ live dates
  56. Bazart returns with a brand new album: ‘2’
  57. Gareth Jones produces new Irmin Schmidt (Can) album of piano pieces: ‘5 Klavierstücke’
  58. VNV Nation releases new album ‘Noire’ as a digipak and as a limited edition double black vinyl edition
  59. Rare Nitzer Ebb video for 1985 single ‘So Bright So Strong’ surfaces – watch it here
  60. Electro Spectre remix contest – the results are in, the winning tracks are out!
  61. Goo Munday signs with Negative Gain Productions and announces label debut EP
  62. Skinny Puppy co-founder Nivek Ogre hospitalized with broken jaw after being attacked hours before going on stage
  63. ‘Click Interview’ with Matter: ‘Repetitive Rhythms And Abrasive Sounds Supported By Deep Bass Immersed Into A Sea Of Noise’
  64. Lederman / De Meyer returns with brand new single feat. Mesh, Radical G, Rotersand in the remix cockpit: ‘Atoms in Fury’
  65. Bel Canto offer a glimpse of what to expect during their 21 September concert in Oslo – watch the video
  66. Metroland launches 2 singles: ‘Memorabilia’ and ‘Memorabilia (remixes)’ – preview both singles
  67. Project Pitchfork to launch ‘Fragment’ in October as a limited 2CD edition as well
  68. ‘Click Interview’ with Huminoida: ‘There’s Enough Moronic Shouting On The Internet’
  69. Insane Records launches ‘Insane Tribute Vol.1 EURODANCE’ compilation
  70. Android Lust self-releases new EP ‘Shores Unknown’ – preview here
  71. Halo In Reverse finally lands an all new album: ‘I Am Become Death Destroyer Of Worlds’
  72. New digital Vision Talk single ‘Come With Me’ out now
  73. Funker Vogt release new teaser-video taken from the brand new album ‘Wastelands’
  74. Brand new Yazoo remix for ‘Winter Kills’ to be featured on new vinyl and CD boxset – orders available now
  75. Ljungblut premieres music video for “Hasselblad”
  76. The Prodigy premiere new single ‘Light Up The Sky’
  77. Trentemøller covers ‘Transformer Man’ by Neil Young
  78. Vince Clarke launches VeryRecords sound library with a 50-track free download (but the server can’t always handle the downloads)
  79. Female electronic music pioneers celebrated during UK Tour ‘Synth Remix’ 2018 with live performances by Olivia Louvel + Jo Thomas
  80. ‘Click Interview’ with Tolchock: ‘Tolchock 14 Was A Crazy And Limitless Playground’
  81. Cult electronic project Benestrophe sees rare & unreleased material from 1987
  82. 5 Nitzer Ebb albums re-released on CD(2CD) featuring loads of bonus tracks – also for North America!
  83. Strvngers announce brand new EP ‘Exhumed Vol 2’ feat. covers of NIN, Billy Idol, Korn and more
  84. ‘Click Interview’ with Lederman / De Meyer: ‘A Fun And Easy-Going Process’
  85. WANT/ed and SoftWave singer releases new EP “Peace”
  86. Mexico’s harsh electro act Circuito Cerrado hits back with 4-track download EP ‘Revolution’
  87. Mentallo & The Fixer launches remastered version 2001 album ‘Return To Grimpen Ward’
  88. ‘Click Interview’ with Arcana Obscura: ‘I Have Always Had Elements And Influences Of World Music In My Music‘
  89. Mechatronic unveil video for the song ‘A Life Pretending’ taken from their album ‘Still Life’
  90. VNV Nation debuts official video for ‘When is the future’
  91. Double interview: Alex Møklebust (Zeromancer/Seigmen) and Stephan Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk) about remixing
  92. Yann Tiersen announces brand new album ‘All’ in a production by Gareth Jones – first video available
  93. Alien Vampires return with 2 twin concept EPs: ‘Fuck the revolution bring on the apocalypse’ & ‘Evil twins’
  94. Watch the brand new Moby video for ‘Falling rain and light’
  95. Electro Spectre: “A Man-Made Sun” album release interview
  96. Exclusive premiere of Lycia’s ‘The song is Autumn Into Winter’ on Side-Line !
  97. Avarice In Audio launches brand new 5-track download only single ‘Wolves at the door’ – check out the full track previews
  98. Mortiis releases ltd edition Halloween special version of the ‘Weal & Woe’ 9inch x 9 inch cassette box set
  99. Studio-X returns with all new album ‘Wrong’ in November – listen to the first 2 tracks!
  100. ‘Click Interview’ with Zwaremachine: ‘Minimal Hypnotic Industrial Body Music’
  101. Mortiis announces the re-release of the early 1993 demo recording ‘The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost’ on CD/LP/digital
  102. Mexico’s dark electro Circuito Cerrado returns with new album 2 years after very well-received ‘Arrhythmia’ album
  103. Blutengel to launch 2nd single from upcoming ‘Un:Gott’ album: ‘Vampire’ – also available as picture vinyl
  104. The Rain Within announce North America tour With VNV Nation
  105. MZ.412 preps double vinyl re-release for 1995 classic – check out the pre-order details
  106. ‘Click’ Interview with Sylvgheist Maëlström: ‘Music Is A Feeling And The Right Emanation From Experienced Feelings’
  107. Mlada Fronta returns with all new album ‘No Trespassing’ 2 years after ‘Outrun’
  108. Raison d’être reissues first 2 albums on double vinyl
  109. Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore reissues rare 1995 noise album on vinyl
  110. Formshift joins with Dirk Da Davo for 4-track EP ‘E Society’
  111. ‘Click Interview’ with E.S.A.: ‘I Love To Pick Up Instruments And Use Them As An Extension To Myself’
  112. Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore reissues rare 1995 noise album on vinyl
  113. Ljungblut: “Villa Carlotta 5959” premiere – stream it here two days before release
  114. Massive Attack launch ‘Mezzanine’ anniversary tour with… Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser !
  115. How did Jean-Marc Lederman end up with The The at The The Marquee gigs in 1982?
  116. ‘Click Interview’ with Schicksal: ‘Stop Looking At Your Smartphone And Create Your Own Revolution’!
  117. Death In June to release 1st album in 8 years: ‘Essence!’ – also available on vinyl
  118. 5 duo-tickets to win via Side-Line for Sinner’s Day Festival (December 1, 2018)
  119. Paradox Obscur release video for new song ‘Afterlife Effect’
  120. a-ha to perform debut album ‘Hunting High And Low’ in full during 2019 tour
  121. Front Line Assembly to release new single featuring Robert Görl of D.A.F. – here’s a preview
  122. Diary of Dreams / Diorama powered project Coma Alliance launches debut album
  123. X-O-Planet has released its 2nd album ‘Voyagers’
  124. OGRE and Dallas Campbell announce new fictitious synth horror soundtrack ‘All Hallows’ II’ – check the preview
  125. Beranek: “Sound of danger” – concert and interview at Kulturhuset, Oslo, Oct. 25th 2018
  126. Miss FD releases video for ‘Krampus Song’ single
  127. Pan Sonic’s Ilpo Väisänen releases tribute album to Mika Vainio as I-LP-ON: ‘ÄÄNET’
  128. Threatin: a band no-one ever heard of and which managed to book a tour (which no-one attended)
  129. ‘Click Interview’ with Henric De La Cour: ‘Death Is No Longer My Close Confidant’
  130. ODDKO launch sensational video for ‘Disobey’ – watch here!
  131. Queer DIY punk act Devours signs with Artoffact Records
  132. ‘Click Interview’ with Offerbeest: ‘People Need To Make Their Own Minds Up About The Music And Themes’
  133. The Sky’s Gone Out releases ‘Easy Way Out’ single – premieres here today
  134. OOMPH! unveil title, teaser, tracklist and artwork of new album!
  135. We The North / TourdeForce announce split Ep, simply titled ‘Split’ – check the video for the track ‘The Last Song’
  136. Funker Vogt launch ‘Ikarus’ video to announce new EP – watch it on Side-Line
  137. Black Nail Cabaret return with brand new album and video – Watch it exclusively on Side-Line!
  138. Legendary keyboard used by Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode) up for sale
  139. ‘Click Interview’ with Ashram: ‘Each Culture Has Its Reference Figure, And Mine Is Jesus’
  140. Industrial act Go Fight (Die Warzau side project) releases new single ‘Chemical’ – watch the video here
  141. Mondträume frontman launches new synthwave project Mental Exile – first download single out now: ‘Exile Nights’
  142. Synapsyche joins the Alfa Matrix and releases label debut single ‘Mirror Terror’ to announce 3rd album – watch the video for the title track
  143. ‘Click Interview’ with Happiness Project: ‘We Simply Want To Share Our Ways To Face Reality, Our Concerns About The World’
  144. Gary Numan revisited by various dark wave bands for a vinyl release – check the first video
  145. New Nothing But Noise double CD out: ‘Formations Magnétiques et Phénomènes D’incertitude’ – available for ordering
  146. Coil’s ‘Love’s Secret Demise’ hits the CD format – order info incuded
  147. Storming The Base launches Cyber Monday sales: 50% off!
  148. ‘Click Interview’ with Happiness Project: ‘We Simply Want To Share Our Ways To Face Reality, Our Concerns About The World’
  149. Electro Spectre signs 15 year contract, releases bonus tracks with a brand new song
  150. Josh T. Pearson announces BBC 6 Music session on EP – listen to ‘Woman, When I’ve Raised Hell’
  151. Chris Liebing shares Goldfrapp remix of ‘And all went dark’
  152. OOMPH! – Kein Liebeslied
  153. ‘Click Interview’ with Hidden Souls: ‘You Can Have The Talent, But Without Money The World Doesn’t Turn’
  154. Aesthetische remixes united on 2 brand new digital downloads – available now
  155. Darkwave artist Panic Priest releases new video ‘Die Divine’ – watch it here
  156. ‘Click Interview’ with I:Scintilla: ‘We’ve Always Trusted Our Instincts And Followed The Muses’
  157. Mortiis releases the re-mastered AND original version of ‘The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost’ 1993 demo
  158. ‘Click Interview’ with Individual Totem: ‘How Horrible Would It Be To Be Labeled As ‘Dumb Music?’
  159. Apoptygma Berzerk announces Oslo concert for August 2019
  160. Siva Six are working on their new (5th) album
  161. Erasure announce 30th anniversary deluxe edition of ‘Wild’
  162. ‘Click Interview’ with Melotron: ‘We Lost The Sense Why We Are Making Music’
  163. Metroland release double yellow vinyl (+CD): ‘Framed’ – available now via Alfa Matrix
  164. Porn returns with ‘The Darkest of Human Desires – Act II’
  165. Click Interview’ with Jk Flesh: ‘I Wanted The Machines To Breathe And Appear As If They’re Organisms’
  166. Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) kicked out of own show in Stockholm after launching a bottle in the crowd
  167. Alfa Matrix relaunches e-store with massive 50% discount on complete catalogue (or almost)
  168. ‘Click Interview’ with Blakk Harbor: ‘Creatively I Would Say Berlin Is A Stagnant Place For Me’
  169. Yann Tiersen releases video for new track, ‘Koad’, featuring Swedish artist Anna Von Hausswolff
  170. Insane Records present 2 new singles by God Destruction and Van Roy Asylum
  171. Culture Kultür returns with brand new album in January, ‘Humanity’, and present first video for the track ‘Refugee’
  172. Alfa Matrix launches 200 minute-plus compilation for free: ‘Matrix Downloaded 008’
  173. Underworld offers Romford 1998 live rehearsal for free
  174. Metroland returns with brand new single ‘Reframed’
  175. ‘Click Interview’ with Train To Spain: ‘Streaming Is There To Stay’
  176. Apoptygma Berzerk re-imagine debut ‘Soli Deo Gloria’ on ‘SDGXXV’ – pre-orders available now
  177. Alfa Matrix releases ‘Sounds From The Matrix 20’ on Bandcamp as well
  178. Download to release 11th album ‘Unknown Room’ on Artoffact Records – available now
  179. Interview: Mondträume singer about his Mental Exile solo project
  180. Dawn of Ashes return with ‘The Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam)’ – check out the video for ‘The Serpents Of Eden’
  181. New single and video for State of the Nation – watch it here
  182. OOMPH! – Tausend Mann Und Ein Befehl
  183. Power noise label ant-zen stops producing CDs and goes download only – warehouse closes as well
  184. OOMPH! premieres music video for second single ‘Tausend Mann und ein Befehl’ – watch it here
  185. Lords of Acid announce lineup for ‘Pretty in Kink tour’ (Spoiler alert)
  186. ‘Click Interview’ with A Slice Of Life: ‘Most People Never Get Rid Of Their Big Influences From Their Youth’
  187. ‘Click Interview’ with Tobias Bernstrup: ‘We Are Lost In-Between Real And Virtual Life’
  188. Front Line Assembly announces more details new ‘Wake Up The Coma’ album – including Falco cover
  189. The Young Gods return with ‘Data Mirage Tangram’ on double vinyl (CD included)
  190. Die Form see reissue ‘Some experiences with shock’ on vinyl + new album in the making
  191. Esplendor Geométrico gets double vinyl treatment for ‘Selected Tracks 2. 1995-1998’
  192. ‘Click Interview’ with Adam X: ‘I’ve Always Been Into The Cerebral/Out Of Worldly Side Of Electronic Music’
  193. 2-track Karl Bartos vinyl single with 50th issue Electronic Sound
  194. When an April Fools prank becomes reality: ‘STUMM433’ (feat. Laibach, Depeche Mode, …)
  195. Darkwave music festival Verboden announces lineup for its April 11th-13th edition
  196. Stream new Valhall track from upcoming album ‘Grim/More’ exclusively on Side-Line.com !
  197. ‘Click Interview’ with !Distain: ‘The Band Is More Important Than The Ego’
  198. ‘Click Interview’ with Atrium Carceri: ‘I Am A Very Technically Inclined Producer’
  199. Parisian cold-wave trio FTR release video for ‘Collision’
  200. a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen has a solo album coming up – here’s a first teaser
  201. A new video of an A.I. Zero track feat. Armageddon Dildos is online now – watch it below.
  202. Watch the new PORN music video for new song ‘Here For Love’ right here
  203. ‘Click Interview’ with Solitary Experiments: ‘The Feedback From The Audience Is The Biggest Thank You We Can Think Of’
  204. Jean-Marc Lederman Experience presents ’13 Ghost Stories’ – watch a first track already
  205. ‘Click Interview’ with Indarra: ‘Why Bother Creating Something That Is Derivative, That’s Already Been Done Before’
  206. Industrial rock act Encrypt10n releases new song and music video: ‘I Sold My Soul’ – watch it here
  207. Metroland holds special expo ‘Pictures to listen to’ in Mechelen (BE) – here’s a video report by Side-Line
  208. Gamma10’s new song is out now: ‘Children Of Tomorrow’ – listen to it here and download it for free
  209. Dani’el returns with brand new album ‘The Soul Has No Gender’ after 2 years of studio work
  210. Celldweller returns with ‘My Disintegration’ single in March
  211. Brand new XTC book ‘What Do You Call That Noise? An XTC Discovery Book’ coming up
  212. ‘Click Interview’ with Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg: ‘Listen To Stuff Outside The Box Instead Of The Clichés You Usually Like’
  213. Shamanic pagan folk act Omnia to launch ‘Reflexions’ 2LP vinyl
  214. S.P.K. 1981 live recording ‘Live at the Crypt’ issued on CD
  215. Nitzer Ebb plans US tour – here are the dates
  216. All new Depeche Mode tribute surfaces from the Belgian electronica label Alfa Matrix
  217. ohGr still waiting for almost $100,000 in funds from PledgeMusic
  218. Absolution Festival announces dates and line up incl. Assemblage 23, Actors, …
  219. German endzeit act Dunkelwerk back with all new album ‘Waffengang’ after 5 years of silence
  220. PledgeMusic looking for outside investors to keep the boat afloat, co-founder Benji Rogers back on board
  221. Pet Shop Boys attacks Donald Trump and Michael Gove in new song ‘Give Stupidity A Chance’
  222. The Prodigy announce first North American headline tour in 10 years
  223. 24 FREE Mortiis (+ related projects) albums/singles available for download on Bandcamp
  224. ‘Click Interview’ with Neuroticfish: ‘If You Only Recognize Neuroticfish For What You Can Dance To, Then You Do Not Understand Us At All’
  225. Front Line Assembly launches new video for Falco’s ‘Rock me Amadeus’ with Mindless Self Indulgence singer
  226. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows ges deathrock on new album – out tomorrow (check out this preview)
  227. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows goes deathrock on new album – out tomorrow (check out this preview)
  228. Phil Western (Skinny Puppy, Download, Plateau) passed away this weekend
  229. BOREDOMproduct announces preorders for The Overlookers (Foretaste and Dekad members) album at a special price
  230. Black Needle Noise release new video feat. Yvette Winkler for the track ‘Gone’
  231. This is a must-see! Cleaning Women share new video for single ‘Leap Of Faith’, all played on instruments… made out of cleaning appliances. Produced by Einstuerzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke
  232. Spotify puts an end to accounts ad blocker users
  233. Gamma10’s new album ‘Outsider’ is out now – check the preview and get a 20% discount code!
  234. Essence Of Mind frontman launches debut EP for side-project Lights A.M. – listen to an exclusive preview!
  235. ‘Click Interview’ with Ah-Cama Sotz: ‘Believing In Yourself Is A Must’
  236. Man Of Moon return with ‘Skin’, brand new track from their upcoming EP ‘Chemicals’ – and you might just like it!
  237. Brad Pitt working on Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) documentary
  238. Side-Line give-away: 5 free (single) tickets to win for New Wave Club Class-X Party 9/03
  239. ‘Click Interview’ with Studio-X: ‘ Cd’s Are Not Exactly Great For The Environment’
  240. Reliant, new project by frontman Danish electro / synthpop project Vaylon, launches debut album – here’s the first teaser
  241. Industrial breakbeat act 3D Stas signs with FiXT and releases debut single – check out the video
  242. Morrissey no longer boycotts Canada – First Canadian tour in 15 years
  243. The Cure announce 30th anniversary shows of ‘Disintegration’
  244. Did you know that Soft Cell’s ‘Sex Dwarf’ video remains banned from UK tv airing?
  245. Exclusive pre-listen to sophomore OHMelectronic album (project by Craig Joseph Huxtable and Chris Peterson)
  246. Mortiis’ ambient-atmospheric album ‘The Unraveling Mind’ is finally available as a download 13 years after being recorded
  247. Mortiis announces North American tour dates
  248. ‘Lords of Chaos’ thriller movie shows Mayhem during the chaotic Norwegian black metal scene of the early 1990s
  249. Chvrches’ perform live with orchestra to kick off BBC Scotland – watch the video
  250. ‘Click Interview’ with Black Nail Cabaret: ‘There Is No Other Way, But Going Deeply Personal’