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  2. stress and anxiety
  3. point of ideas you will definitely notification may well be the front
  4. Side-Line introduces Propulsion – listen now to ‘Evil’ (Face The Beat profile series)
  5. Goth metal act Lovelorn Dolls re-release first demo ‘An Intense Feeling Of Affection’ as download EP
  6. Alphaxone to release 4th album for Cryo Chamber – you can listen now to 2 tracks from ‘Echoes from outer Silence’
  7. Memory Lane fun with Depeche Mode: a demo snippet of the pre-Depeche Mode track ‘Television Set’
  8. Side-Line welcomes Leydi Villegas to the team !
  9. The Body to release ‘No One Deserves Happiness’ as double vinyl – get it now + listen to a preview
  10. Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld return with ‘Nerssimo’, 3 years after sold out debut
  11. XOTOX sees best-of released: ‘Essentials (Best Of)’ 2CD in mid-April
  12. Side-Line introduces Bukser – listen now to ‘No Dreams Land’ (Face The Beat profile series)
  13. New Order launches ‘Singularity’ video + Teenage Cancer Trust show at Royal Albert Hall
  14. ‘Click Interview’ with David Carretta: Marseille Kicks Ass!
  15. First 3 tracks new Psy’Aviah album now available for streaming – pre-orders accepted
  16. IAMX launch a new single and videoclip – watch it here
  17. Noisuf-X returns with new album in April: ‘#Kicksome(B)ass’
  18. Legendary ‘Monosynth’ compilation sees sequel on Fabrika
  19. Alfa Matrix webstore goes in International EBM week mode and starts sales 25% off on normal prices
  20. Side-Line introduces
  21. Front 242 announce back-catalog re-releases in various limited formats (with bonus material)
  22. In Letter Form to release ‘Fracture. Repair. Repeat’ album on vinyl in May – a must-have for New Order, The Cure, Joy Division fans
  23. Side-Line introduces
  24. Atrium Carceri Sale continues on Cryo Chamber, 50% off digital downloads
  25. Wire announce new mini album ‘Nocturnal Koreans’ (without Bruce Gilbert) – stream the first single
  26. Side-Line introduces
  27. Russian WANT/ed releases multicollaboration album
  28. !Distain’s Manfred Thomaser launches new mini-album under Arsine Tibé flag
  29. Former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos re-releases new ‘Communication’ album as vinyl+CD set (incl. bonus track) – order now
  30. Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly produces new Youth Code album: ‘Commitment to Complications’ – available on vinyl too
  31. New Swedish EBM sensation ELM announces first previews ‘Hardline’ album in a mastering by Pontus Stålberg (Spetsnaz)
  32. Side-Line introduces
  33. Classic albums by The Police and Simple Minds mastered at 1/2 speed at Abbey Road Studios for very limited editions
  34. Cold In May release new EP on March 8th, available now already on Bandcamp
  35. Early ‘80s synth, industrial, cold wave scene revisited on ‘So Low’ compilation (incl. Front 242, Tuxedomoon, …)
  36. Wumpscut returns with ‘Wüterich’ – US release imminent
  37. Velvet Acid Christ gets ‘Greatest Hits’ treatment in a remastered version
  38. Side-Line introduces
  39. Entrzelle launch debut album on Alfa Matrix – 3 tracks available for immediate previewing
  40. ‘Click Interview’ with Analfabetism: ‘Partly I come from an SPK type mind set, partly from a heavily Rob Hubbard influenced culture’!
  41. New (very funny) Rob Zombie at the Oscars hoax story spreads across the net
  42. Dope Stars Inc. frontman Victor Love to release debut album ‘Technomancy’ on vinyl and CD
  43. Pet Shop Boys and Gary Numan join Jean-Michel Jarre for follow-up album of ‘Electronica Vol. 1: The Time Machine’ – watch the trailer
  44. Side-Line introduces
  45. Genre Peak to release new album feat. collaborations with Steve Jansen, Mick Karn, Richard Barbieri of Japan, Matt Malley of Counting Crows and Jon Hassell
  46. Lords of Acid best of ‘Smoking Hot’ gets May release in North America
  47. Wayne Hussey re-works Sisters Of Mercy classic ‘Marian’, backed by ‘My Love Will Protect You’, for charity 7inch single
  48. Side-Line introduces DeadJump – listen now to ‘Pulse (Radio Edit)’ (Face The Beat profile series)
  49. M83 announces new album ‘Junk’ – listen o the first single ‘Do It, Try It’
  50. Sophia to deliver ‘Unclean’ album in 3 physical formats
  51. Acid Washed delivers excellent electro remix for Moby’s ‘Almost Loved’ – listen here
  52. White Lung to deliver ‘Paradise’ in early may on vinyl and CD – listen to a first track
  53. Plastic Noise Experience to release first vinyl (and other extended formats) with new ‘Push And Punish’ album
  54. US-censor accepts Junksista’s ‘Trust No Bitch’ single on the day of the release of their mini album OST ‘American Love Story’
  55. Front Line Assembly – “I like to be busy on stage!” – Tech-Talk with DJ Wildhoney
  56. Schnodig releases digital “Nerver vrengt rundt” remix EP – stream it right here!
  57. HUGE Psyche collector’s fan-pack including lots of vinyl available now – 10 copies only!
  58. Olivia Louvel sees debut album ‘Luna Parc Hotel’ reissued with bonus material in a remastered version by Paul Kendall
  59. Llumen finally sees debut EP launched on Alfa Matrix – and it’s a beauty!
  60. Exclusive premiere new The Operating Tracks video for ‘Daniel’ on Side-Line
  61. ‘Click Interview’ with Mlada Fronta: ‘I Don’t Like To Be Closed To A Particular Genre’
  62. Side-Line introduces Signal Operator – listen now to ‘Circus Of Lies (Dub Version)’ (Face The Beat profile series)
  63. Suicide Commando sees ‘Black Flowers’ tape finally released on CD – limited run only
  64. DC Punk humor zine BLT (Black Leather Times) compiled in a book – available now!
  65. Post-punk project Ascetic to release their send album ‘Everything is becoming’ at the end of March – available on vinyl and CD
  66. protoU sees debut album ‘Lost Here’ released on Cryo Chamber – stream it here
  67. The Weathermen’s Bruce Geduldig is no more
  68. Marscheaux’ tribute of Depeche Mode’s ‘A Broken Frame’ album now available for ordering as a 2CD with 12 bonus tracks
  69. Tim Hecker sees ‘Love Stream’ album released as 2LP vinyl
  70. In Strict Confidence announce new EP ‘Somebody else’s dream’ with artwork by Heilemania (Rammstein’s Lindemann)
  71. Exclusively stream New Order’s ‘Singularity’ in an extended rework by Erol Alkan
  72. Krister Petersson (Chinese Theatre / Vision Talk) has passed away, 41 years old
  73. Former Smiths frontman Morrissey may run for mayor of London – but he then might want to stop comparing eating animals to paedophilia
  74. Faith and the Muse to release a 2CD personal best of ‘Where the Land Meets the Sea: The Best Loved Songs of Faith and the Muse’
  75. Side-Line introduces Suicidal Romance – listen now to ‘Make Me Blind’ (Face The Beat profile series)
  76. Erasure gets a special Greek 2CD edition of their ‘The violet flame’ album with bonus tracks – 500 copies only, order now
  77. a-ha announces one-off live show (‘Afterglow’) with advanced scenography by Void
  78. Han Solo and Chewy get their own spin-off (spoiler alert!), and why it may safe the Star Wars legacy!
  79. ‘Click Interview’ with kFactor: ‘kFactor Is My Antihero’
  80. New Helalyn Flowers album out now
  81. Side-Line introduces Liiaiira – listen now to ‘You Make Me Hollow’ (Face The Beat profile series)
  82. Silent Wave – “Dancing Away From You” video release
  83. ‘Click Interview’ with Sinestar: ‘The Next Big Thing In Electro-Pop Music?!’
  84. 50% off on vinyl during St. Patrick’s Day Sale
  85. Grimes gets electric shock from her earpieces mid-performance
  86. Blue Blood offers a St. Patrick’s Day shoot
  87. Atrium Carceri sees rarities and unreleased tracks and more released on ‘Archives I-II’ – you can order now
  88. Foretaste to release new single in April + more news
  89. Mlada Fronta plans red vinyl release ‘Outrunner’ as complement for the CD ‘Outrun’ – get yours now
  90. Suicide Commando to release very limited 2LP vinyl of ‘Bind, Torture, Kill’ album (incl. 4 bonus tracks) + 9CD/DVD ‘Compendium’ ltd boxset – get yours now
  91. 2nd album Avarice In Audio, ‘Apollo & Dionysus’, out now as download and as 2CD set – preview the album here
  92. Venal Flesh launch debut album, out now – listen to the previews!
  93. Einstuerzende Neubauten sees long deleted DVD ‘Liebeslieder’ reissued
  94. Henrik Nordvargr Björkk & Margaux Renaudin to release collaboration album ‘Anima Nostra’
  95. Portion Control – “We aren’t musicians so for us the mouse is still the best tool!” – Tech-Talk with DJ Wildhoney
  96. Venus Fly Trap release brand new download single ‘Vitesse’ + More
  97. Obsidian FX return with ‘Harpies’ EP holding 14 tracks – listen now!
  98. Mueran Humanos see second album ‘Miseress’ rereleased on vinyl
  99. Cult classic remix wars (Wumpscut, Haujobb, FLA, Die Krupps, 16 Volt, Hate Dept.) reissued on vinyl in very limited editions – get yours now!
  100. Vortex Campaign / Coil / The New Blockaders collaboration release finally reissues with 2 bonus tracks
  101. ‘Click Interview’ with Larva: ‘We Want To Be Loved Or Hated’!
  102. Best of Parade Ground compiled on ‘Parade Ground’ CD – Production and additional instruments by Daniel B. and Patrick Codenys (Front 242), Colin Newman (Wire) and Bruno Donini
  103. 4th volume massive Electronic Saviors industrial 4CD box compilation available now in pre-order
  104. First new Art Bergman album since 1995 is ready: ‘The Apostate’ – available on vinyl and CD
  105. De/Vision to return with new album in May with new production team
  106. Dark techno act Blac Kolor releases ‘Stormily’ EP on vinyl – get your copy
  107. Jaz Coleman to release classical reinterpretations of classic Killing Joke songs, ‘The Great Invocation, a Killing Joke Symphony’
  108. a-ha’s Paul Waaktaar starts new project featuring Zoe Gnecco
  109. ‘Click Interview’ with Noisuf-X: ‘I Like To Kick Ass!’
  110. Ex-Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos re-releases video for ‘I’m the Message (Matthew Herbert’s Doctor Rockit Mix)’ to coincide with release new ‘Communication’ album as vinyl+CD set
  111. Did you know that The Weathermen once did the soundtrack for a Baywatch episode?
  112. Me The Tiger launches ‘Pocket Sized Edition Ending’ video to promote new EP and announce re-issue debut album
  113. 2 new Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk) 7inch vinyls hit the shops: ‘I’m the message’ + ’15 minutes of fame’
  114. so painting like a professional by the revenue
  115. Swedish synthpop act Saft returns after 15 years of silence with 3rd album, ‘Norrbacka’
  116. IANVA reissue ‘La Ballata Dell’Ardito’ debut EP with extras on vinyl
  117. Die Krupps re-records 1981 debut album ‘Stahlwerksinfonie’ for vinyl (incl. CD) release
  118. OOMPH! release ‘Als wärs das letzte Mal’ live video
  119. Mute Records reveals details new Swans album ‘The Glowing Man’
  120. John Fryer launches 6 free songs for Black Needle Noise project feat. Jarboe, Antic Clay, Andreas Elvenes, Ledfoot & Zia
  121. ‘Click Interview’ with Peter Rainman: ‘Vince Clarke is obviously the main influence’
  122. ‘Face The Beat: Session 4’ – you can now start submitting music for the biggest industrial download compilation, powered by Side-Line !
  123. Symbion Project embarks on mini US-tour + did you hear their Lana Del Rey remix?
  124. Neo-folk act Albireon returns with ‘L’inferno e l’aquilone’ album
  125. Metroland did not split – April fools joke went a bit too well
  126. ‘Click Interview’ with Alphaxone: ‘Music Is The Best Way To Emit Inner Dark And Dark Senses!’
  127. 3 formats for Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio’s ‘Vision: Libertine – The Hangman’s Triad’ release including vinyl
  128. NÖVÖ prepares new album and finally hits Facebook
  129. Electropop act Blondage debut new single ‘Dive’ – listen here on Side-Line
  130. Ben Lukas Boysen (aka Hecq) signs to Erased Tapes and issues ‘Spells’ on vinyl and CD – orders available now!
  131. Listen to the full stream of the upcoming Psy’Aviah album ‘Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars’ exclusively on Side-Line + track-by-track comment by the band !
  132. ‘Click Interview’ with AD:KeY: ‘EBM is missing fresh blood’
  133. Vince Clarke (Erasure) launches project together with Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) – first single expected in June
  134. The end of a-ha – again
  135. Ataraxia’s ‘Simphonia Sine Nomine’ reissued on vinyl
  136. Electro Spectre releases massive «Essentials» compilation
  137. a-ha issues statement after disastrous Blick interview
  138. Dronny Darko sale on dark ambient label Cryo Chamber
  139. In Slaughter Natives re-release legendary radio recording ‘Mort aux Vaches’ on vinyl
  140. BC working on a new album, 8 years after excellent ‘Sinecure’ debut
  141. Covenant’s Eskil has a new look and the fans do (not) like it
  142. Keosz joins the dark ambient label Cryo Chamber with the album ‘Be Left to Oneself’ – album now up for pre-order
  143. Die Krupps release live show sold out E-tropolis Festival on DVD & Blu-ray (incl. 2CD) – get yours now
  144. Caustic caught up in Facebook drama / late April Fools Day prank – everyone fired from the band
  145. Emmo.biz Records prepare special mega-limited Nitzer Ebb digipak edition box limited to just 77 copies
  146. Vanguard returns with ‘Never surrender’ – pre-orders available now
  147. Interview Sophia: ‘Living in a world as dark and corrupted as this gives me plenty of things to bring up.’
  148. ‘Beep’, a documentary history of game sound to be released on DVD and Blu-ray – get your order in now
  149. Tax Sale at Storming The Base – here’s the link!
  150. Skinny Puppy – “All my gear crashing on top of me… was not good!” – Tech-Talk with DJ Wildhoney
  151. John Carpenter re-recorded classic titles for a vinyl (incl. picture vinyl) release: ‘Assault on percent 13 / The Fog’ & ‘Halloween / Escape from New York’
  152. Front 242 reissues ‘Pulse’ + ‘Still & Raw’ in remastered version in several formats including boxset with loads of extras (incl. live recording 1989!)
  153. Record Store Day sales continue at Alfa Matrix on selected vinyl releases – here’s your reduction code
  154. Blackhouse releases live recording 2015 gig at Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig on vinyl
  155. Cygnosic releases new ‘The Key’ single as download and on a 10” vinyl
  156. Luna Rise – Dark Days And Bright Nights (CD – NRT Records)
  157. Haul gets a vinyl and CD release for ‘Separation’ album
  158. Combichrist to release ‘This Is Where Death Begins’ in various editions including a 2LP+CD set – pre-orders available here
  159. ‘Click Interview’ with Rhesus Factor featuring Leæther Strip: ‘I don’t like to work for the profit of labels’
  160. Keosz album ‘Be Left to Oneself’ out now
  161. Mega-limited 3CD+DVD set for new Combichrist album ‘This Is Where Death Begins’ – get yours now
  162. Absolute Body Control releases ‘Wind(Re)Wind’ with bonus tracks on as a 2LP black vinyl set
  163. Final hours for Tax Sale at Storming The Base – here’s the link!
  164. Facebook post Dope Stars Inc.’s frontman Victor Love tackles ‘the classy dudes of music business’
  165. Goth rock stars united on solo debut Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission, Peter Murphy, Tricky, …) incl. Wayne Hussey, Ville Valo (HIM), …
  166. Psy’Aviah releases new videoclip for ‘Frozen’ – and it’s gorgeous !
  167. Norwegian synthpop act Echo Image returns after 14 years of silence with vinyl only release ‘Compulation’
  168. Listen exclusively to the full Spetsnaz mastered album of the new Swedish EBM bomb ELM !
  169. Prince dies at his home in Minnesota at the age of 57
  170. Famous Berlin based club K17 closes
  171. Preorders for new Foretaste single Lost in Space start now!
  172. Alfa Matrix starts distributing its free ‘Sounds Of The Matrix 017’ CD with all online orders
  173. Did you know this? Special extremely limited Depeche Mode T-shirt to celebrate Dave Gahan’s release from custody back in 1993
  174. Entrzelle launches new ‘Total Progressive Collapse’ trailer – check it out!
  175. What is ‘(Filtered) Pulse’ all about? Daniel B. from Front 242 explains.
  176. 25 years ago Apoptygma Berzerk released the ‘Ashes To Ashes’ 12 inch – a milestone in EBM land
  177. ‘Click Interview’ with FoxxyNewport: ‘There’s two things I know very well: Sex and Sadness’
  178. Win one of 3 copies from the brand new a-ha book ‘Living a Fan’s Adventure Tale: A-Ha in the Eyes of the Beholders’
  179. turning into friendly to the environment
  180. mystery box japan clothing manufacturers are perhaps widely known rel
  181. Joachim Witt’s historical house burns to the ground
  182. Belgian cult electro act Mildreda sees ‘lost’ album released as an HQ audio download incl. demos and live concert material – 33 tracks in total
  183. C-Lekktor’s hard power noise side-project Circuito Cerrado to launch 2CD set ‘Arrhythmia’ in June – pre-orders available now on 2CD and as download
  184. The Birthday Massacre reissue 11 4-track demos (1998-2001) on ‘Imagica’ vinyl and CD
  185. Marsheaux launch new single – listen here and order your copy
  186. Növö returns with 5th album: ‘The Shortwaves’ – recommended to Metroland, Kraftwerk, Duet Emmo and The Normal fans – listen to first tracks
  187. Brooklyn based Synth/Post Punk trio Bootblacks offers excellent label debut album ‘Veins’ on vinyl
  188. Nine Inch Nails’ ‘snuff movie’ for ‘Broken’ ends up on Archives
  189. Helalyn Flowers track-by-track new ‘Sonic Foundation’ album – listen along with the band’s comments
  190. RIP Former drummer punk act Die Toten Hosen member Wolfgang ‘Wölli’ Rohde
  191. The Ukrainians re-release their cover of Kraftwerk’s ‘Radioactivity’
  192. Elektroklänge debuts on Alfa Matrix with ‘Approach To Tokyo’ track – Kraftwerk fans rejoice!
  193. Side-Line presents: Wave-Gotik-Treffen 25th anniversary – Leipzig (DE)
  194. Essence Of Mind release teaser for what looks like to be like a new single or album
  195. New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ covered by Orkestra Obsolete using only instruments available in the 1930s
  196. ‘Click Interview’ with Ayria: ‘I like dirty synths and big beats’
  197. Anastassia Bear is back in town!
  198. Razor Candi Easter shoot revisited – finally available (NSFW) !
  199. a-ha’s farewell concert weekend in Oslo (Norway) – an impression
  200. Special a-ha ‘Afterglow’ show will be broadcasted on YouTube (in a joined Void / Hydro collaboration)
  201. John Foxx and Gary Numan collaborate on ’21st Century: a Man, a Woman and a City’ album – out in 2 physical versions
  202. X-Marks The Pedwalk’s Sevren Ni-Arb starts own electronic music label: Meshwork Music
  203. Final days for ArtOfFact vinyl sales action – here’s the link!
  204. Resistors presenting new ‘Dunkelheit’ album at Indica Fest with Peter Murphy (Bauhaus)
  205. Electro Spectre get 2CD set distributed in North America too + exclusive Side-Line give away !
  206. John Fryer launches excellent dark electro pop track ‘Sold My Soul’ for his Muricidae project – listen here
  207. ‘Click Interview’ with The Opposer Divine: ‘Mainstream is not creative at all’
  208. Norway’s electro rock act Essence Of Mind strikes back with the 8-track download EP ‘After The Break Up’ – listen/download now and watch the video
  209. Sinead O’Connor tells Arsenio Hall to fuck off basically in Prince related lawsuit
  210. Watch trailer new Die Krupps live DVD & Blu-ray (incl. 2CD) ‘Live Im Schatten Der Ringe’ – out this Friday
  211. Track-per-track comment for the brand new Mildreda album ‘Coward Philosophy’
  212. Popular Avarice In Audio track with Mondträume singer on vocals gets the EP treatment: ‘Crystal Tears’ – listen / download now
  213. Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows’ “Dead Lovers’ Sarabande” (Face One + Face Two) re-released as a VERY limited 2x 2LP vinyl set – get your copy now
  214. Rexx Arkana (Bruderschaft, FGFC820) diagnosed with cancer – let’s help him to battle it and pay the bills!
  215. Atrium Carceri’s ‘Cellblock’ album (originally released in 2003) finally available again on CD
  216. And the award for lamest stunt to promote a (mediocre) song goes to US act Yacht – a fake sex video (with no sex)
  217. Excellent debut album for Greece’s Gioumourtzina – listen here
  218. Mexican electro noise act Circuito Cerrado delivers ‘8 Bit Bitch’ EP for immediate download ahead of upcoming ‘Arrhythmia’ 2CD
  219. Khost / Godflesh unite for ‘Needles in the ground’ – out on vinyl and CD
  220. First 3 Psyche albums re-released with lots of extra rare material – we talked with Darrin Huss
  221. A UK postman delivered a vinyl record through a letterbox… by folding it in half!
  222. Listen to the 2 new The Cure tracks debuted in New Orleans
  223. Exclusive Skold interview on new ‘The Undoing’ album: ‘At some point you have to let go, and laugh at it, what are you gonna do?’
  224. Pre-order for Phonothek album ‘Lost in Fog’ now available via Cryo Chamber
  225. Fredrik Croona releases second solo album ‘Welcome Home’ on Advoxya Records
  226. The 15th Delerium studio album is ready to be released on September 23rd
  227. Seigmen member crowdfunds solo ambient project
  228. ‘Click Interview’ with Metroland: ‘Famous Or Not, We Triggered Many And Not Just By The Music’
  229. Exclusive: pre-orders new Marsheaux album ‘Ath.Lon’ have started – 3 different formats !
  230. Norway’s electro rock act Essence Of Mind offers previously unreleased song to new subscribers of their newsletter – get it now!
  231. Apoptygma Berzerk sees 3rd experimental electronic instrumental EP released: ‘Xenogenesis’
  232. Sinead O’Connor goes missing
  233. Orange Sector to launch new EP ‘Stahlwerk’
  234. Project Pitchfork hits back with new version ‘Wonderland/One Million Faces’ EP from 2006/2007
  235. The new De/Vision album ’13’ soon available for the North American market – order now
  236. Preview first track new Rational Youth vinyl release + TOP 6 80s albums according to the band
  237. Rabia Sorda returns with brand new EP: ‘King of the wasteland’ – 999 copies only – get yours here
  238. Jürgen Karg’s 1977 album ‘Elektronische Mythen’ reissued on vinyl and CD
  239. ‘Wave/Electronic Music 1984-1988’ by Dennis Young reissued on CD and vinyl
  240. Early years Michel Banabila collected on ‘Early works (Things popping up from the past)’
  241. Storming The Base has a World Goth Day Sale going (CDs only for $5) – check this link
  242. Metroland kicks back with a double EP called ‘Synthetic Sound’ & ‘Synthetic Sound (Remixes)’ – listen here
  243. Mesh lands new single ‘Kill your Darlings’ on vinyl and CD + teaser – watch it here on Side-Line
  244. Electropop act Babylonia to release new single ‘Back To You’ on 27 May
  245. ‘Click Interview’ with Winterhart: ‘Monumental-Industrial After 25 Years Of Electronic Music With Dance Or Die’
  246. More Swedish kling klang sounds via Elektroklänge’s label debut EP ‘Mechanische Tänze Nos. 1
  247. Rein returns with brand new track – listen now
  248. Studio-X vs. Simon Carter launches ‘Sunrise’ EP holding no less than 12 extremely club friendly tracks
  249. Paul Kendall (Recoil, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode, …) shows us his 10 favourite studio tools (Part 1)
  250. Skinny Puppy’s 2013 album ‘Weapon’ sees limited vinyl reprint – available now