View Full Version : Redemption gone?

6th December 2007, 03:15 AM
I must somehow have missed it, but did DJ SelArom's Dark Synthesis replace DJ Sin's Redemption?

Dark Synthesis is cool, sounds exceptionally good tonight :) I didn't mean to make it bad or something by this thread, just curiosity because redemption meant good music too, and I'd miss it...

DJ Rob
6th December 2007, 03:29 AM
Both shows are great!

Dark Synthesis did not replace Redemption. Redemption was on Tuesdays, while DS is on Wednesdays.

As far as I know, DJ Sin, the host of Redemption, had some trouble doing the show because she had a lot going on. I'm hoping I will hear back from her once she has the time to contact me and wishes to do the show again.

6th December 2007, 04:00 AM
i was wondering this as well, i really enjoyed redemption, sin was very nice and I hope she comes back soon :)

and thanks for your kind comments, glad you enjoy the program!


DJ Rob
24th July 2009, 02:19 AM
Almost 2 years later and we still haven't heard back from DJ Sin. If anyone knows where she is or how to contact her, please let her know we would love to hear from her and for her to do her show again if she would like to. ;)

4th August 2011, 05:58 PM
Any DJ shows still going? Seems like this has gone by the wayside.

of course, story of my life; I get to the party late...:p