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11th August 2011, 06:57 PM
Haven't been out in awhile because it's been so damn HOT, but when it is nice I like to get out on this!



Anybody else ride?

21st October 2011, 03:20 PM
No goth riders out there then?!! :D

10th February 2012, 09:51 AM
I will post some pics of my bikes as soon as I get back home. I have a bunch (racing photos). Have you ever heard of the Jamie James Productions bikes that he makes? I have a 2002 one of those. Its the only sport bike I have left. It goes to Starbucks and thats about it these days!!

10th February 2012, 09:54 AM
I use to race the same one. I will post pics soon . . . .

10th February 2012, 10:11 AM
I know of Jamie James, but I did not know he was producing bikes. that's pretty awesome that you have one!

Looking forward to seeing some of your rides!

24th July 2012, 11:03 PM
I only have the Jamie James left. I dont think I will ever get rid of that one. Too special.

24th July 2012, 11:08 PM
This was the last race bike I had.

25th July 2012, 10:14 AM

Really wish circumstances would have been a little different for me as I would have loved to have gone racing on some level. Just wasn't in the cards.

Really hope I can hold on to mine for as long as I can. Too special as you say!

Thanks for sharing!

22nd March 2014, 04:26 AM
I ride, but I ride 1 horse power loooolll.
This was my own private horse power. I sold her in 2012 though :(
Its hard to bring up the costs when living on your own.


19th April 2014, 12:55 AM
LOL too funny! Yeah, she's beautiful!

8th June 2014, 02:18 AM
OK, at Funk's request, I'm here to post. SoCal native, in Austin for the last year, and really fucking hate it. I went from 11 months of good riding weather to maybe, maybe, 11 weeks. :/

For started, my main baby, 1999 BMW R1100S:

This one I just sold after 15 years. 1985 BMW K100. 5th in the US. Started life as an '84, unsold, the factory bought it back and used it as a prototype for the '85 line. Previous owner stripped it to the bare essentials and made a mean little cafe' ratrod out of it:

Sold to make room/pay for this:
2013 Brammo Enertia+. It's all electric, top speed is about 60, ideal range is about 80 miles, charges overnight off 110v. My commute's only five miles, and five is also how many MPGs my car drops if I commute in it. Brammo makes another model, the Empulse, which is HOLY FUCKBALLS amazing. I need one. And a Tesla S. Electric is freakin' awesome.

Also taking up space, 2006 'zook DRZ400 Supermoto:

Previously, 1978 BMW R80/7, traded in on an 1974 BMW (seeing a pattern here?) R90S, swapped for the K100 above. I added the R1100s, then a Yamaha FZR600, sold that, picked a 2004 BMW R1150GS-ADV duo-sport, which I used to ride to Death Valley for camping excursions. Sold that, bought a 2006 BMW K1200R, which I sold because it was too stupid fast and was going to get me killed, then my best friend sold me the Suzuki. I think that's it. :)

10th June 2014, 08:54 AM
Nice rides! I have a friend that had a k1100 that he traded in for a Speed Triple. The K1100 was nice in that whenever we stopped, we had tunes to listen to!

I really can't wait to see how good the electric bikes can be. Went to the track a couple of weeks ago, and some Virginia Tech guys were there with an electric motor shoehorned in a Gixxer750 frame. They were riding in my group, so I didn't get to see them go per se. My dad watching from the side though got to see them and commented how "weird" it was to not hear them except for the chain!

What is the sci-fi looking building you're parked in front of??

... now if we could just get WOOP! to post a pic!! :cool:

11th June 2014, 06:54 PM
Thank you!! Riding a silent bike is weird, but you learn to love the whine that it makes. A week in and I was wondering what I could sell to afford a Tesla.

Brammo's sportbike, the Empulse, is just godly. I test rode that and the Enertia+, both duplicated what I already had in my garage. The Enertia matches the DRZ roughly for speed and range, and the Empulse matches the R1100s. Only the R1100s cost $16k in 1999, and the Empulse is like $21k today (though a used one, 31 miles! just popped up locally for $14k). I couldn't justify $21k to match the performance of a bike I've had 14 years. However, before I moved I had my dealer run a service history, and in 14 years I've spent close to $15k in parts and service. Granted, it was a daily driver for 2.5 years, and I was burning sporty tires every 6 weeks, which amounts to an oil change about every 2 sets of tires. Plus, lord knows how much went in for fuel in 14 years. But yeah, a full 6 speed sportbike with full torque and HP off the line? Siiiiiiiick! Enertia is single speed, no clutch. Not "auto clutch", an actual single speed. It doesn't give a lot off the line since it's designed to get new riders on bikes, and on electrics from their start. Giving full power to someone that doesn't know how to clutch and shift a bike is just asking for them to loop it and hurt themselves. I do with it had a *little* more off the line, which I'd sacrifice a little range and top speed for.

I do want to get an Empulse in a few years, just can't justify it today; need to save up to GTFO of Siberia. Err, Texas. It's electric, it can't stall. I tried something I read on a rider's forum, put it in 3rd, and just left it there. Came to stops, never touched the clutch or shifted, the onboard brain feathered the clutch and let me come to a stop. Green light, roll on the gas, in gear, didn't touch the clutch. If this indeed causes no premature wear on anything it makes it a great around-town bike as well as for hammering the track or canyon twisties. I just got a set of Givi hardcases for the Brammo, and have some Ortlieb drybags for commuting with laptops (two mammoth beasts, totally uncomfortable in a backpack with armour on).

The building? Oakley Interplantery HQ. I used to live about 2 minutes up the hill from it, so I tried to stop by on weekends and get pix of all my rides in front of it. Giant grey building, giant spikes near roof level sticking out of the walls down its length, and something pouring steam out the roof 24/7. They tore out part of the lower parking to put in a dirt track for their tank. :)

11th June 2014, 06:57 PM
Oh, and since we're posting toys, is it a 'ride' if it has 4 wheels? :)


2002 BMW M Coupe. Last year of production, 690 made, rarest colour, IIRC. Found her at a dealer in Maryland, had her shipped to CA. 315 HP stock, this one seemed to run a little hot. It was never titled, but saw use at the BMW track in Spartanburg where the assembly plant was, so I think the engineers had dialed it up a bit.

Biggest mistakes in my life? I've made a lot, but at the top of the list: Moving to TX, and selling this car. :(

DJ Rob
11th June 2014, 08:30 PM
Wow. that BMW M Coupe is awesome!
Sorry to make you feel worse but had to say it ajrez. ;-)

I miss SoCal too. Used to live in Santa Monica and then spent time in La Jolla.

11th June 2014, 11:50 PM
it's OK, Rob. People ask me "why did you sell it, again?" My response is always "Because I was a fucking idiot." No excuses, just foolish.

I went from that to a 2006 Jeep (huge mistake, also) and now have a 2004 VW R32, which is a Golf body, lowered 20mm, H&R springs, Borla exhaust, and the 2.8 VR6 motor from a Jetta, bored and stroked to 3.2L (hence the "32" in the name). And, the Haldex AWD system used in the Audi TT. All that's factory. It's fun, just not the perma-grim inducing fun the M was. But, I've at least got a Babyland sticker on it. ;P~

12th June 2014, 01:44 PM
All of these beautiful bikes (and a horse) and it takes a car to get Rob to comment... :p

DJ Rob
12th June 2014, 04:53 PM
Haha. I'm a car guy. And I drive fast when I can. Made it to Vegas from here in 8 hours a few times in my '96 Honda Civic v-tec coupe (which is my only car). It's about 800 miles away and over mountains.
I think if I got a bike, I would've been dead 20 years ago.

12th June 2014, 10:39 PM
Nice, Rob! When I moved to Texas I shipped the bikes and drove the R32. Inspired by the Iron Butt Rally, and "32 Hours 7 Minutes" I decided to make it in one shot: 25 hours straight through. Did it, and slept immediately upon arrival. Never. Again.

24th February 2017, 01:20 PM
Well, it's been almost two years since we had activity here. I've been in Washington for just shy of two years now. A few years ago my best buddy, one of my longest standing friends, passed away way, way too young. He was a die-hard motorhead and had a lot of toys, but one was his signature, a 2001 Ducati 996. For the better part of 14 years he was the only person I rode with, the only person I trusted to ride with the same level of awareness I had while battling SoCal traffic. Most of that time, he was on the Duc. His father sold it to me, it's a bear to ride. I've had faster bikes that beat it with ease despite being heavier, but this is so light and twitchy it's clear it's race-bred and not as much of a street bike as a track bike. I consider it an emotional purchase more than I do a bike I bought to ride and flog and enjoy on the road. One of his dad's grizzled ol' biker buddies told me at the wake that the Duc belonged with me, which I totally agreed with. It took a few years, but it arrived last year.

Took about two weeks for the dealer to breath life back in to her, but she runs appropriately now.

24th February 2017, 01:26 PM
So beautiful! So sorry that you had to acquire this the way you did.

The 996 was always a head turner!

Thanks for the PIC!

24th February 2017, 03:27 PM
So beautiful! So sorry that you had to acquire this the way you did.

The 996 was always a head turner!

Thanks for the PIC!

Thank you. And, you're welcome. Ever since Matrix:Reloaded it's been "The Matrix Bike" which is sad, because it's so much more than that. It does have me wondering how well behaved something like a Monster is, by comparison.

Also, I'm strongly looking at offloading the Brammo and getting a different e-moto once I move.

Oh, and Rob? Current plan: Sell house, sell VW, locate my old M and see if it's good condition, and if the current owner is willing to part with it. #priorities

24th March 2018, 04:36 PM
So I picked this up thursday night!


And a Coffee and Cars this morning. My buddy's Golf R modded and me!

It's not the R1, but it's Good Times! :)

...my dream car...

28th March 2018, 11:04 AM
So, since we're back here again...

Sold my house in WA, moved to NV. Property here is well cheaper, huge plus. But, my old M Coupe? File that one under "Good F***ing Luck, Pal!". Today they're selling for about double what they sold for a decade ago when I offloaded mine :( F. M. L.

To make up for it, I did this, recently:


How does that make up for an *M*? No idea. :/

(Also, the Brammo's for sale, if y'all know of anyone who may be interested.)