View Full Version : Former Denver Resident; Long-Time Sanctuary Radio Fan...

5th January 2014, 08:55 PM
Been listening to Sanctuary at work or home for years now. Had to re-register recently but this time doing it right.

Lived in Denver in the mid-late 90's right after finishing college. Live in NY now, but go back yearly since I have family there.

I used to go Sunday nights to 1082 Broadway back in the day. Last time I was there, an old friend took me to a bar/club called Milk. It was packed, but it cool going somewhere where they played good tunes.

I'll most likely be back in the area by Fall. Didn't have a chance to go back to The Church, but hopefully I will this coming trip...

Oh right: I'm a big-time vaper. I have a domain that you can find on my profile that lists when I broadcast my weekly vaping-related show, replays, etc. I'm passionate about it as a form of tobacco harm reduction. Feel free to hit me up if on info and/or questions related to this if you are a smoker and are considering "making the switch." Remember, it's not quitting getting your nic, just a better way of getting it.

Peace - Rich