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DJ Rob
6th July 2014, 07:46 PM
Friday August 1, 2014
Our next Club Sanctuary event (https://www.facebook.com/events/1453702708241782/) in Denver is happening Friday August 15th! DJ's Rob & Sn1p3r will be broadcasting HD video/audio from the club LIVE worldwide on SanctuaryTV (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sanctuaryradio). Catch all of the fun starting at around 11:30pm Eastern/8:30pm Pacific/3:30am GMT... or maybe a little earlier if we can get the rig setup early...

Thursday July 31, 2014
We made our July donation goal! Thank you to Vladimir, Richard, Monyiha, Roadracerx72, wraith517, patches207, S1lenceR, ajrez, merc@des, nathan, Funkn3ss, Rahul, GreyAuror, David, EternaLeStrange, Anthony, uguen, Ernesto, Eric, Wayne, spazz711, DSL, Mikolas, needles, Kayleigh666, Out, jcpure, Valmart, ShiftyDave, Michael, deadie, VampireFreaks.com, Mike, Michael, Smack, G.D., zero_constant, Doug, Cire, C J, Loren and Jackal who all donated! It's because of all of you we are on the air! Thanks so much for your support!

Friday July 18, 2014
Our Club Sanctuary event in Denver is happening tonight! DJ's Rob & Sn1p3r will be broadcasting the night LIVE on SanctuaryTV (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sanctuaryradio)! Catch all of the fun starting at around 11:30pm Eastern/8:30pm Pacific/3:30am GMT.

Wednesday July 9, 2014
Our Goth/Industrial Channel is back on with an upgraded master control board. So let's hope the Sanctuary Radio Hamster doesn't crap in it. ;)

Tuesday July 8, 2014
If you were having trouble connecting to our Retro channel, the issue has been fixed. Thanks for your patience!

We need to replace a motherboard in our master control computer. So the channel will be off the air for around 2 hours. We will try to rebroadcast our Retro Channel on the Goth/Industrial Channel during these repairs to keep the music coming... updates with the repairs will be posted in the shoutbox in case it takes us longer to fix, etc...

Sunday July 6, 2014:
We are going to start moving away from using Facebook as our only breaking news source for the station. From now on, we will be posting things in our forums FIRST and then we may still post things onto our Facebook page and Twitter. We will embed the latest Sanctuary Radio news thread on the front page of our site, replacing the Facebook section we had. Facebook seems to want to charge us for you to see anything, so this should be the best option for you...

Saturday July 5, 2014:
We have doubled our Retro Channel listener slots since they have been totally filling up over the last few days. If you had trouble connecting, you shouldn't any more. ;-)

Tuesday July 1, 2014:
WE EXCEEDED OUR JUNE DONATION GOAL! Thanks to Daniel, Richard, ajrez, Roadracerx72, patches207, Kayleigh666, mforrest55, Jackal, JJtheDarkGeek, Pamela, Bloodysyren, DSL, FrontSheep, lyl, potokat, Funkn3ss, Cilou, GreyAuror, VampireFreaks.com, Wayne, spazz711, baltazar, Erik, Michael, needles, Valmart, HellPanda13, ShiftyDave, Michael, mykie, Jörg, Angel Jynx, Rachel, Jose, sortino, Dave and Cire! Our excess, $49.74, will go towards our July goal. Because of all of you, we get to stay on the air! Thanks so much for your support!

Tonight at 10pm Eastern (and every Tuesday at 10pm Eastern) on our Goth/Industrial Channl, it's the Industrial Club Sessions with END:the DJ!

Sunday June 22, 2014:
Al Jourgensen of Ministry gets just one fix of doing TV weather... and an interview on El Paso, TX TV.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvROqtwD7_c (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvROqtwD7_c)

Tuesday June 10, 2014:
Don't miss Alt-Fest!
121 (http://www.alt-fest.com/2014/)