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6th October 2019, 03:50 PM
I have discovered your station just recently through audials and immediately liked it. But it seems your excistence is pretty unsure because of the costs.
You have to pay so much for licensing asf..
You wrote that most advertisers won't advertise on a 'alternative/goth' station. But why? Are we not also human beings who have to eat and drink? At least some food and beverages commercials could reach the goth "aliens" too ;). We are consumers too, actually. I personally would have absolutely no problem to hear some commercials every hour on your station. And also, why don't the bigger acts whose music you play and promote that way, support you? Than maybe your struggle wouldn't be so tough.
What do you think?

DJ Rob
6th October 2019, 05:42 PM
Not sure where we would find advertisers that would pay enough or even want to. We have tried. I'm told by ad agencies and consultants I've hired over the years that our listenership is too narrow of a group where other cheaper methods of advertising work just fine. They have no need to JUST target our group.

Since we are so small compared to other forms of corporate media, we would have to run ad breaks for pennies an hour... IF anyone even wanted to. Nobody is breaking down our door for that.

The last time we tried ads (aka sponsorships), the stuff I had to implement for it all to work - contact businesses, sell ads, get ads made, have it all tracked and billed, etc cost us thousands more than we ever made. It was a disaster. All out of my pocket.

If you can find a reputable business that wants to run an ad an hour and pay for a good amount of our costs (including the new costs involved like making the commercial, tracking them, biling them), let me know.

DJ Rob
6th October 2019, 05:43 PM
And I also have to think about the listeners we would lose or wouldn't want to donate to us if we went commercial. I know SOME are willing to deal with ads. But a lot wouldn't.