View Full Version : Join the Club! (an alternative way to raise money for the station)

3rd December 2019, 05:48 PM
I want to thank DJ Rob and everyone responsible for this great music station. I want to make a suggestion about fund raising. Instead of reminding listeners of how much money it costs to run the service in ads, how about asking them to join something like the "Sanctuary Saviors Club" by becoming monthly subscribers? It gives a sense of community for hard core listeners and newbies alike. If you can offer some sort of an incentive to join, that's even better. By reaching out to listeners this way, you can have people regularly pitching 2, 5, 10, a kajillion dollars a month and if 500 listeners did that, you'd have enough to run every month no problem.

The way things are now, you have a doomsday clock dead center on your webpage and that just makes everybody scared! The music is from the 80s but your marketing/fundraising shouldn't be, time to update for 2019 by offering the listeners the chance to become Personal Jesuses for the cause!