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DJ Rob
30th January 2008, 03:42 PM
2/28/07 - Posted by DJ Rob
We made our donation goal for February! In fact we exceeded it by $69.29!!! So we will start March that much closer to reaching our goal.
Thank you for your support!!! It's because of YOU we are on the air!

Thanks to all of you that donated in February!
Anonymous, Tamakay, Brandy, Jennifer, Shandra, Wayne, Timothy, Stephan, Pixie, Diva, Redman, Varla, Susan, Hillary, Terrance and Amber.
And a special thanks to Eric at Cire Printing for supplying our Sanctuary T-shirts!

2/25/07 - Posted by DJ Rob
Just another reminder about the scumbag scammer maggot Jamie Roxx...It seems Jamie Roxx is now back in the public trying to "sell" his art and bragging to friends about what he did to us. And he may be scamming more people who visit his web site and where he lives now, San Diego, California USA.
So I thought I would once again worn everyone about how much of a lying scumbag scammer he is. Hopefully Google will also direct some of his future "customers" here so they can read and protect themselves if they choose to do business with Jamie Roxx (real name James Dirk Roach). You can read more details in our 2006 announcements but here it is in a nutshell:

At the beginning of 2006, artist Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.com (http://www.jamieroxx.com/)) approached Sanctuary Radio and offered to giveaway a painting a month to our listeners in exchange for advertising his work and his website. We agreed and held up our end of the agreement giving him thousands of dollars worth of advertising. Months later, most of the people who were supposed to get his paintings started to complain that they never got them and Jamie was not returning emails. It turned out that month after month when Jamie himself said that the paintings were shipped out to the listeners, they were not.

We also heard from listeners who went to Jamie's web site and paid for paintings he advertised there. Those paintings were not received as well. After confronting Jamie via email (his phone is/was disconnected), he replied under an alter-ego named "Tina" and stated the paintings were in her possession and would be sent out to our listeners that week. A month later after that did not happen, Jamie (as his alterego Tina) said we were giving the paintings away illegally this whole time and that even though Jamie was the one that dictated how they were given away, he made threats that they would turn us in to some legal authority that regulated giveaways if we didn't leave the subject alone and give up on getting the paintings.

Finally at the end of 2006, 11 months after Jamie had come to us about the painting giveaways, he emailed all of the people that were supposed to get paintings and told them that he would send them all to Sanctuary Radio to distribute. It's 2 months later, we have never received any paintings from Jamie. And never have heard anything more back from him.

Also in January 2007, an anonymous person who said they were speaking for Jamie stated in our shout box that we had to pay Jamie $5000 and then the listeners would get the paintings. That included paintings that listeners had paid for themselves on his site. We told that person to take a hike. I'm not sure if that was just a prankster, or Jamie himself. The person who posted had an IP address that belonged to a user of Cox Cable Internet in San, Diego CA.

It's obvious that Jamie is capable of doing anything not to honor his agreements including threatening to try to get a not-for-profit station like us who supported his work and thought of him as a friend, shutdown. Even a quick check with the Better Business Bureau (http://data.renobbb.org/commonreport.html?bid=90002119) online shows complaints for non-delivery of goods and it also shows he is out of business in the US state which he had a business license, Nevada. We have contacted the Attorney General of Nevada about our experience with Jamie.

I was warned not to make another post like this or we would "go away never to be seen again". But I don't want anyone else to lose any money/time to this scumbag leach of the scene, so please warn anyone you can. And let's stand united together to get rid of scammers who give our scene and others in it a bad name!

2/16/07 - Posted by DJ Rob
Our Sanctuary Radio T-shirts are going fast! For a donation of $18 or more, you can get one for FREE courtesy of CIRE Printing! Just click the "store" link and follow the instructions on how to order. Thanks for your support! http://www.sanctuaryradio.com/shout/smileys/yes.gif And don't forget to contact CIRE for any printing jobs you have!

2/12/07 - Posted by DJ Rob
LOTS of new releases came in today including brand CDs from Nine Inch Nails, Combichrist, Melotron, Assemblage 23, Wumpscut, Client and more. In total, we've added over 40 new tracks to Sanctuary's music rotation just today!

2/1/07 - Posted by DJ Rob
Thanks to all of our financial supporters in January!
Terrance, Diva, Brandy, Jason, Robin, Stephan, Redman, April, Laurent, Michelle, Pixie, Corey & Heather, Julia, Colleen, Wirehead Raj, Laurent, Shade & Kira, Dale, Amber and Neil.And a special thanks to Eric of CIRE Printing for supplying our T-shirts and to Neil (aka Sindustry) for offering discounts to our listeners! And thanks to everyone who has spread the word about Sanctuary Radio and Alternative 80s.com! You rock! http://www.sanctuaryradio.com/shout/smileys/laugh.gif