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DJ Rob in the Sanctuary Radio Newsroom
3rd May 2008, 12:48 AM
Due to the holiday last week, there was no new show. Tune in this Wednesday, November 28 for a brand new mix!
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This was my first downtempo mix, one of my earliest ones actually, originally posted on Ill Oddeo (http://www.illoddeo.com/) back in May. This is also basically the set I mixed at one of my first gigs at Club Montrose around that same time. Enjoy!

Afterhours - Covenant
Everyone Who Casts a Shadow - Wolfsheim
Am I Suffocating Right? - Neuroticfish
One Day at a Time (Pocket Orchestra Mix) - Client
The Earth (Ae III Remix) - Virtual Server Featuring Iris
Away - Assemblage 23
Mariner - Fictional
Pandora's Box - Solitary Experiments
Complacent - Assemblage 23
Destination - Angels & Agony
Loud and Clear - Underwater Pilots
I Regret (Vnv Nation Remix) - De/Vision
Freedom - Colony 5
A Perfect Lie (Gabriel & Dresden Mix) - The Engine Room
Mistress of Dreams - Praga Khanhttp://boxstr.com/files/586381_oi8hc/DarkSynthesis10-10-2007.mp3 (http://www.selarom.com/music/podcast/audio/http://boxstr.com/files/586381_oi8hc/DarkSynthesis10-10-2007.mp3)
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