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21st June 2009, 11:28 PM
Summer darkness Yearly event in Utrecht ( Netherlands)

More info @ http://www.summerdarkness.nl

This years lineup:

5F-X [GER]
:Golgatha: [GER]
Absolute Body Control.
Amenra [BEL]
Atomic Neon [GER]
Bacio Di Tosca [GER]
Brighter Death Now [SWE]
Celts Without Frontiers.
.Covenant [SWE]
Cybercide [GBR]
Dandelion Wine [AUS]
Derniere Volonte [FR]
Deviant UK [GBR]
Eisbrecher [GER]
Embrun [BE]
Floor Jansen & Red.
.Front 242 [BE]
GaŽ Bolg [FR]
Gothminister [NOR]
Grendel [NL]
Inline.Sex.Terror [GER]
Katzenjammer Kabarett.
.Klangstabil [GER]
Kloq [GBR]
Korpiklaani [FIN]
Lacuna Coil [ITA]
Letzte Instanz [GER]
Modulate [GBR]
MS Gentur [GER]
Negura Bunget [ROM]
Noyce TM [GER]
Nullvektor [GER]
Orfeo [NL]
Other day [GER]
Rosa Crux [FRA]
Rose Kemp [UK]
Rotersand [GER]
S.K.E.T. [GER]
Schwarzblut [NL]
Seven Pines [FRA]
Sieben [GBR]
Spetznaz [SWE]
Suicide Commando [BEL]
Tenek [UK]
The Birthday Massacre.
.The CrŁxshadows.
.The Foreshadowing [ITA]
Triarii [GER]
Tyske Ludder [GER]
Uberbyte [GBR]
Whispers in the shadow.
.XPQ-21 [GER]
Zeromancer [NOR]


22nd June 2009, 05:03 PM
SWEET! My love and I decided just last night to go to Amsterdam on holiday in August!

Please write me, I want to know more about the area and the weather and anything else we'll need to know for the festival: diva@exequies.com