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1st December 2007, 03:28 PM
Another snowy day read...

Off Season-The Unexpurgated Edition by Jack Ketchum.

If you're not acquainted with horror novelist Jack Ketchum, I strongly advise you get familiar. Although it's not for the faint at heart or stomach. Afterall, it is a dark and dangerous fiction about cannibalism. This is Jack Ketchum's first novel and Ketchum is truly a terrifyingly gifted horror writer.

"An instant impact on the writing and reading of horror continues today..."

In unexpurgated edition the text has been restored to the first revised version, from which Ballentine also demanded cuts. The result is a novel that is not only more violent, but also more grim, than the version published in 1981- with a dark surprise at it's finale for those who read the original edition.

As Steven King put it, "Read Off Season before Christmas and you won't be able to sleep until after the New Year." Or something like that. ;)

Things I learned from this book:

Never will I go to Maine.
Never again will I eat sausage.
Never will I help small children by the road, no matter how innocent and harmless they appear. (Technically I knew that before. Jack reinforced it.)

Here's the first line of the book ... :eek:

They had hunted every animal, but there was no flesh like man's...