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    2010 Sanctuary Radio News

    Everyone have a safe and happy New Year's eve! Thanks so much for your support in 2010! Stay tuned as we have some exciting cool things in store for you in 2011!

    We made our December donation goal! Thanks to Pixie, Debra, Sondra, DJ Sn1p3r, Squit, Stephanie, Erik, Diva, Sabrina, Shadow, Roadracerx72, JeffT, needles, Voytek, Phillip, Christine, ancientedgar, Georgiana, Greatevil, Matthew and Mystique for donating! You guys rock!

    We moved the links to tune in/listen/make a request to their own page. You can find it by clicking Listen/Requests above.

    There may be friends/family who are having a hard time of things, especially this time of year. So if you can lend a hand or just be there for someone, please do. A little can mean all of the world for that person. And if you need anyone's help, please ask. I know it may sound cheesy to some, but that's all I want for Christmas. Have a safe and happy holidays from everyone here at Sanctuary Radio!

    To mix it up a little, we have some new shows and DJs joining Sanctuary Radio soon! Stay tuned! And if you are a DJ and interested in doing a show on Sanctuary, email us ( with your DJ experience, the equipment you own, where you live and a sample one-hour playlist.

    We are about 300 away from 2,000 fans on Facebook! Tell your friends to join and let's see if we can make it over 2,000 by the end of 2010!

    We are getting a lot of emails about Sirius/XM (a satellite radio service in North America) carrying Sanctuary Radio. We want to reach the most listeners we can but ONLY if we have full control of our signal/content. We do not want others to add commercials or other stuff beyond our control. As long as we have your support, we will always be YOUR Sanctuary from crappy corporate radio and bad club DJs.

    Our Retro Channel will be off the air to upgrade some equipment tonight around 2am Eastern/11pm Pacific. It should only take about 30 minutes, but could take longer. Thanks for your patience!

    If you are in Orlando, Florida USA and looking for something to do tonight, check out "Venue 13" at The 11/12 Lounge!

    We made our November donation goal!
    Thanks so much to all of our supporters! You keep us on the air!

    Pixie, Matthew, squit, happiestgirl4, Jeff, Timothy, Kyle, Danielle, Sew Scary, Dazzie, Debra, Diva, Johnlee, DJ Sn1p3r, Roadracerx72, philorus, Greatevil, needles, Mystique, Kathleen, Despairkitty, Debbie, HeatherInBlack, MeryTheBlade, lacedkat, XuXa, locustgirl, HIguy, ancientedgar, Alison, Wirehead Raj and Cire, who generously made the offer to take care of any shortage!

    Because we realize the holidays are upon us and money is tight, we're going to lower our December donation goal to $400. It will most likely go back up to our old amount of $500 in January 2011.

    Also, we are working on the idea of making Sanctuary Radio hoodies, tee shirts and stickers thanks to our friend Cire. Let us know if you would be interested in any of those or something else. Once we can get some artwork done, we will have more info!

    We upgraded some studio equipment overnight. We overcame a few glitches earlier today and now our signal should be stronger than ever!


    A personal appeal from DJ Rob:

    Starting as a goth DJ in the 80s, I quickly found that this music while great and creative, is not mainstream or commercial. And most people in the mainstream will not understand it or the culture that comes with it. But I came to love it and wanted others to discover and love it as I do.

    Almost 6 years ago, after not finding any online radio stations like this (and tired of the lack of good music club DJs played), I decided it was time to take Sanctuary Radio on the air - live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With only 3 simple things - no commercials, no profits and no hidden agenda except for playing great music. I was told I was crazy for even trying and that we would be history in 6 months.

    Sanctuary Radio now has over 15,000 people listening each day. And we are more popular than ever. But it takes A LOT of work AND MONEY to keep Sanctuary on the air. I have dedicated my life to keep it going and helping it grow. It is my life. But I can't do it without your help. It is VERY expensive to provide the streams we have not to mention other costs and we really do run on a shoestring budget.

    We have had some great people who are members of our "Sanctuary family" support us through either donating and/or promoting us over the years, helping us thrive and grow along the way. We couldn't have done it without any of you, Seriously.

    So here's where I say that we need money. And more people to donate. I really hate that I have to ask for any money. But we really need your help to stay on the air.

    The fact is I already throw in all of the money I have each month. And that comes up to a lot. Like a new car each year a lot. I could really use a new car someday. LOL

    And even though our listenership (and operating costs) has grown greatly, the amount of our donations have not. So because of this, I will have to raise our donation goal another $100 to $600 USD which is something I really didn't want to do. And if we don't achieve 50% of our goal by the end of the day on November 16th, I will have to consider drastic cutbacks.

    I'm now having to spend more of my energy that ever into just begging listeners to donate instead of adding new music, being on the air and other things that I feel are very important to Sanctuary's survival.

    Right now I'm VERY stressed over all of this and what we need to stay afloat. Especially when almost halfway into this month we have only raised $10 in donations, when I writing huge checks for our bills.

    $10? WTF. Seriously, that is pretty sad. And it makes me mad. Is it that you think Sanctuary sucks? I doubt you think that way since over 15,000 of you have tuned in today. Is it that you think we will keep going without your donations? If I can't pay the bills, I will have to pull the plug. Simple as that. Sanctuary could be gone forever.

    We aren't asking for much. You pay a cover change to a club. You tip a few bucks to your bartenders. You spend a few bucks on that coffee. So please pitch in a few bucks now by clicking the "Click to Donate" button. All of us together can keep your Sanctuary on the air.

    Thank you for reading this.

    'DJ Rob' Hatch Sanctuary Radio

    In a little less than a month, we have gained almost 400 new followers on Facebook! If you haven't already, you can join us here!

    We achieved our October donation goal! Thanks so much to squit, Kristin, DJ Sn1p3r, zero_constant, Diva, Roadracerx72, Danielle, Sew Scary, ancientedgar, Oedipus, Lamia, gwyrm, Liisa, locustgirl, Pixie, Mike, Jordan, anichiwa, BLIX and especially to CityJeep who took care of the remaining 45%! Without any of you and your help, we couldn't be here!

    This weekend on our Main Channel - brand new Hocico, Funker Vogt, Heimataerde and more stuff we can't publically promote yet (new Covenant...shhh!). And some really cool retro tunes from the deep archives on our Retro Channel. Thanks for listening to Sanctuary Radio!

    We are almost at 1000 Facebook fans already. If you haven't joined, please do so now! And tell your friends! Thanks for spreading the word about Sanctuary Radio!

    We achieved our September goal! You guys rock!
    Thanks to happiestgirl4, AveLuciferi, Mark, E.R., Mystique, ancientedgar, Kristin, Wendee81, Danielle, Kathleen, Amy, Georgiana, Justin, Diva, Sew Scary, zero_constant, tmaxwell, Minion, Pixie, Morgana, Cookie4ddict, Thomas, mandra, Blake, Sondra and DJ Sn1p3r! Without you we couldn't be here!

    We were $19.55 over, that will go towards our October $500 goal. Thanks for all of your support!

    Over 100 new songs have been added to our Main Channel rotation today including exclusive tracks from Combichrist! No other station keeps you in the loop and gives you the new stuff as much as we do!

    Also, DJ Rob will be in Prague, Vienna and Budapest promoting Sanctuary in October! If you will be there or have any travel tips, let us know!

    Thanks so much to all of our August donators! Sew Scary, E.R., HeadHunter, CityJeep, Carolin, Danielle, Vicious Valkyrie, Georgiana, sector0 networks, Diva, Mystique, Matthew, Minion, m, lacedkat, Danielle, Brandy, Pixie, Wendee81, Lamia, DJ Sn1p3r, joondream, squit and locustgirl. Without you we wouldn't be here!

    Sadly, we were $108.37 short of our $500 USD August goal. We will add that to our September goal. Please donate what you can because if we do not make our September goal, we will have to go off the air for good! Seriously!.

    And if you cannot donate, you can still help by posting about Sanctuary Radio on your Facebook, Myspace and any other social media. Thanks for all of your support!

    We always want your opinions about what we are doing right or wrong since Sanctuary is really YOUR station! Today, we wanted to post about the Retro Channel. What do you think of it? Do you think we should dump the recently added 90s stuff? Add more or different stuff? Let us know what direction you think we should take it! Feel free to post your thoughts on our Facebook page! Thanks for your posts!

    A BIG thanks goes out to Amy, Sew Scary, Sondra, Commander Fortune, RobinW, E.R., cityjeep, Georgiana, Despairkitty, Kathleen, Diva, Joel, DJ Sn1p3r, BLIX, Joyce, Danielle, lacedkat, Lamia, Roadracerx72, AveLuciferi, Wirehead Raj, Squit and Melodi who all donated and helped us achieve our July goal! In fact, we exceeded it by $7.32 which we will add to the raised donation amount for August. We couldn't do this without any of you!

    Wanna be on the radio? Just send us an audio file of you saying your first name, where you live and that you listen to Sanctuary Radio! Email the file to:

    If you get an error message when making an online request that says the IP isn't allowed/authorized or something similar, please email us at: with the IP address it says so we can fix the problem. Thanks!

    DJ Rob will be in Nashville, Tennessee tonight and Memphis, Tennessee tomorrow (7/15/10). Let us know if you will be in the area and want to meet up!

    We have the new Combichrist before ANYONE ELSE and other cool stuff coming up today on Sanctuary!

    We are going to be upgrading some studio equipment so we can sound even better starting Sunday night 7/11/10 around Midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific/Monday 4am GMT. During this time, we may go off the air for brief periods. We hope to be completed within a couple of hours. Thanks for your patience during this time!

    We were short of our donation goal for 2 months in a row so it looks like we will have to pull the plug. Thanks to everyone who listened and supported us all of these years. We will explore any options to come back in the future so stay tuned.
    UPDATE: Thanks to Eric at Points Printing (formerly Cire Printing) in Denver for covering the June shortage and saving the station! If you need any printing needs, you can email him at Eric@PointsPrinting.comHe will also be helping us do some Sanctuary Tee Shirts and Hoodies in the next few months! And a big thanks goes out to everyone who donated in June! Matthew, Tina, Twisted Sticker, E.R., Lili St Cynical, Amy, Lalauze, DJ Sn1p3r, Diva, Robert, Veronica, Despairkitty, newhopeamity, Roadracerx72, Michael, Keith, Jeff, Pixie, squit, Voytek, lacedkat, Sew Scary, Greatevil, joondream, Lamia, Bradley, Robert and Eric. We couldn't do this without any of you!

    PLEASE HELP! We have until the end of today to make our June donation goal! Please donate a few bucks so we can stay on the air. And please let your friends know via Facebook, etc. Thanks for all of your support!

    Sanctuary is proud to bring you the "Gothnic" in Denver Colorado USA TODAY! DJ Rob donated the permit fee and our very own Pixie is organizing it. For more info about it, click here! And you can give your donations for Sanctuary Radio to Pixie!
    Hear new Mission U.K. music today around 5pm Eastern on Sanctuary's Main Channel! Thanks to Mark GT of the band for giving us this exclusive!

    Hope you guys enjoyed the studiocam and live video we had today! More tomorrow starting at 1pm Eastern!

    We also added a few hundred more songs to our online request list for our Retro Channel!

    ALL WEEKEND!!! The music on our Main Channel should be a lot more mixed up! DJ Rob has decided we are only playing tracks that haven't been played in at least 3 days! So more stuff you haven't heard in a while and some cool new stuff as well! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

    Have a favorite club night? Or do you promote/DJ at one? Promote it on our site and DJ Rob will also talk it up on the air... just post it in our forums under NIGHTCLUBS

    Thanks so much to Peter, E.R., Matthew, Despairkitty, DJ Sn1p3r, Lars, Mark, Diva, BLIX, Tina, joondream, Lamia, Lacedkat, grrlskout, Roadracerx72, Daniel, Arthur, Ian, Locustgirl, Beckie and squit who all donated in May! We were $93.54 short but quickly made up for it today (6/1) because of donations from Matthew and multiple donations from Tina! Our listeners rock and we couldn't do this without any of you!

    Sanctuary Radio is proud to bring you the "Gothnic" in Denver Colorado USA. June 27th 2010. We donated the permit fee and our very own Pixie is organizing it. For more info, click here!

    Congrats to Pixie who is going to be our new Assistant Music Director for our Retro Channel! She's going to get even more cool songs added to the rotation. Look for some other big things coming soon to Sanctuary Radio!

    OH SO CLOSE!!! Thanks to E.R., Christine, Despairkitty, DJ Sn1p3r, Kathryn, Joondream, Diva, Baitu, happiestgirl4, Matthew, BLIX, Amy, Greatevil, stephencelliott, Leesa, Roadracerx72, JeffT, Mike, locustgirl, Donald, Grim, Squit, sabrena fair and AveLuciferi for all donating in April! Sadly we were $59.20 short. So we will add that to our $500 May goal. If you haven't already please donate what you can so we can stay on the air! Thanks everyone for your support!

    Hey guys, DJ Rob will be in Los Angeles, California USA promoting Sanctuary Radio at Bats Day on Saturday May 1st. Let us know if you'll be there and we can try to meet up! Have a great weekend!

    We just completed upgrades on some of our equipment. Your should notice and better sound quality in our streams. And less Rick Astley. Thanks for listening!

    Sanctuary Radio is proud to help with the "Gothnic" happening June 27 in Denver, Colorado USA. We have donated $51 to get the government permit needed for the event. For more information about it, please go to the Facebook Event Page. Our very own Pixie has been working hard to keep this cool annual tradition going! Thanks Pixie, you rock!

    We got our hands on a bunch of upcoming releases that aren't coming out for months! You'll hear them first here on Sanctuary Radio! Thanks for listening and supporting us!
    And don't forget to tell your friends about us and to add us on Facebook!

    DJ Rob got to speak with William Faith of "Faith & The Muse" on Thursday. If you missed it, don't worry we recorded it. We will have the interview and a track from their new CD available as a podcast. Be sure to go catch them LIVE! They ROCK!
    4/9 – Portland, OR @ Berbati’s Pan
    4/10 – Eugene, OR @ WOW Hall
    4/11 – Seattle, WA @ Heaven Nightclub
    4/13 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Vegas
    4/14 – Denver, CO @ The Roxy
    4/15 – Omaha, NE @ Sokol Underground
    4/16 – Minneapolis, MN @ Ground Zero
    4/17 – Chicago, IL @ Nocturna (at Metro)
    4/18 – Detroit, MI @ Small’s
    4/19 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ El Mocambo
    4/20 – Montreal, OC, Canada @ Katacombes
    4/22 – Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall
    4/23 – New York City, NY @ Santos Party House
    4/24 – Boston, MA @ T.T The Bears
    4/25 – Washington, DC @ FUR Nightclub
    4/26 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Fate Lounge
    4/27 – Cleveland, OH @ Phantasy Nite Club
    4/28 – Nashville, TN @ The Rutledge
    4/29 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
    4/30 – Charlotte, NC @ Charlotte’s Underground
    5/1 – Tampa, FL @ Orpheum
    5/2 – West Palm Beach, FL @ Respectable Street
    5/3 – Jacksonville, FL @ 331
    5/7 – New Orleans, LA @ Howlin’ Wolf
    5/8 – Houston, TX @ Underworld at Numbers

    Congrats to Despairkitty who won the Skinny Puppy cami! And thanks to Spooky Kelly for the giveaway! More giveaways for our supporters coming soon!

    Thanks so much to E.R., Cookie4ddict, Matthew, Christine, Peter, Filipp, Despairkitty, BLIX. Greatevil, joondream, Diva, Lars, Baitu, angelvsoma, Pixie, Amy B., PJ, DJ Sn1p3r, Squit,
    Jeff, JustJane, locustgirl, Despairkitty and Joanne who all donated to Sanctuary in March! We exceeded our goal by $15.87! It's because of all of you we are still here! We will be drawing for the winner of the Skinny Puppy cami later today! Stay tuned!

    Spooky Kelly has made the generous offer to giveaway a cool Skinny Puppy cami made out of a repurposed t-shirt to one lucky March Sanctuary Radio donator! A winner will be picked at random on April 1st. Make sure to donate so you can win!
    It has stretchy white lace on the top and on the bottom, along with adjustable black straps. It is machine washable on the delicate cycle. The pictured shirt is a Medium: ~Details~ Bust:34-36' Waist: up to 36" Length: From shoulder to hem: 24" Check out more of her work! Website: Online Store:

    In fact, we exceeded it by $147.77! The extra and any donations received will now go towards our March goal!
    Thanks so much to Christine, Jeff, Despairkitty, Sew Scary, HIGuy, E.R., Ashby, DJ_Sn1p3r, Amy B., Matthew, joondream, Sam, Miss W, Amy G., Diva, Pixie, Baitu, justjane, BLIX, locustgirl, Lamia, Jordan, Rose, Kathleen, Davin, jacco, Wirehead Raj, Shade, Jason, Kelly, Xochitl, squit, PJ, Roadracerx72, Robin, stephencelliott, Journalarts, Chris, Ivan, ligalick, Martin, Jeff, David and Brandon who all donated towards our February goal! Especially Diva and Martin who both came up with big chunks of it! Thanks everyone for your support, we couldn't do this without you!

    Diva (CVR Productions) has made the very generous offer to pitch in an additional $5 for every $15+ donation made between now and Sunday at midnight until the goal is reached. Thanks so much for all of your support everyone! We can do this with your help!
    2/28 4:25 PM Eastern UPDATE: So far 17 donations qualify for this offer!

    We are playing lots of new releases this week! New stuff not being released until March like new Nitzer Ebb, Grendel and much much more! Hear the cool tunes here first on Sanctuary Radio!

    Sorry everyone - we had an equipment failure that caused us to be off the air for about 12 hours. Both channels should be back on the air. Because of the high cost of repairs, we really need your help financially. For the 2nd month in a row, we were also short on our goal. So please it is really important to donate what you can today so we can stay on the air! Thanks!

    Thanks to Aveluciferi, Amy, Christine, Matthew, Oddwear, Amyablume, Jadeviolette, Madison, Luciana, Matthew, Ggangas, Despairkitty, Jason, Diva, Baitu, Lamia, Scarybear, Locustgirl, Voytek, Wirehead Raj, DJ Chris, Pixie, squit, Mark who all donated in January. Sadly we were $267.39 short of our goal. Because of that, we will add the remainder to our February goal and we plead that you donate what you can so we can stay on the air. Thanks everyone for all of your support!

    Club Sanctuary is on tonight at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific! Check out our new cool 4 hour clubmix show on our Main Channel!
    Support our friends tomorrow this Saturday, January 30th!
    EBM PARTY 26 w/ Retro Room at Club Nocturne
    550 Queen West
    Toronto Ontario Canada
    Main room: DJ Lazarus (ebm, industrial, electronic, synthpop)
    Front room: DJ Chris Way (retro, brit, indie)

    We still have a lot left of our donation goal to raise so please throw in a buck or two so we can stay on the air! Thanks for all of your support!

    Due to being VERY behind on our goal, the debut of our new weekly podcast will be delayed until we can afford the additional hosting costs of it. Sorry.

    Thanks to Despairkitty, HeatherInBlack, Christine, Diva, Lamia, Baitu, Vitannah, Mark, Lars, Jason, Oddwear, Locustgirl, Xandria, squit, Lamia, Kathleen and Matthew who all donated to Sanctuary in December. Sadly, we were still $232.99 short of our $500 monthly goal. Because of that, we will add the remainder to our January goal and we plead that you donate what you can so we can stay on the air. Thanks everyone for all of your support!

    Read our older Sanctuary Radio news HERE

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