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    Help identifying a song. SR listeners might be able to help?

    So... I've been trying to find a song used in a fan made trailer for a few years now. It's got a nice epic sound and it's kinda become a personal challenge to find it. I have the audio which includes voice over from the Bionic Woman TV 2000's tv series, which irritatingly gets in the way of most lyrics. However, it does have a cracking guitar part at the 30 second mark.

    It seems like it might be something that *somebody* out there who listens to Sanctuary Radio might be able to help me with or at least point me in the right direction. I've been hunting high and low for anything that sounds remotely like it. I've tried googling what I think might be lyrics, what songs were used in promos for the Bionic Woman (it seems to be none of the ones I've found) and I've come up with nothing. *despair*

    Here it is... somebody put me out of my misery?

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