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    Vote For The Top Songs Of 2013!

    Okay, I'm busy calculating the total of requests for tracks that were released in 2013 for our Goth/Industrial channel. We will countdown Sanctuary Radio's Top 20 of 2013 on Tuesday December 31 at 2pm Eastern. But I also want your input! So here's most of the songs released this year that we had in heavy/medium rotation on Sanctuary's Goth/Industrial channel. Let me know by replying to this post what your top tracks would be! And if we are missing any not listed here!

    .com/kill Monster Divine
    Accessory Hate's Gonna F*** You
    Accessory Outrun the Gun (Nydhog Remix)
    Aesthetic Perfection Big Bad Wolf (Robert Vogel Remix)
    Aesthetic Perfection The Dark Half
    Aesthetische Amplitude Zero
    Aircrash Bureau Zerstoerer der Welt (SKYLA VERTEX Mix)
    Aircrash Bureau Zerstörer Der Welt
    Alienoil Closer
    Amduscia Filofobia
    Apoptygma Berzerk Major Tom (Coming Home) [Alon Cohen Remix]
    Assemblage 23 Disappoint (Live Mix)
    Ayria Hunger (DIMENSION FLUX mix)
    Ayria Missed The Mark
    Ayria Missed The Mark (PROJECT PITCHFORK mix)
    Ayria Plastic Makes Perfect
    Ayria Plastic Makes Perfect (Daniel B. PROTHESE mix)
    Ayria Plastic Makes Perfect (KOMOR KOMMANDO's imperfection mix)
    Berlin Animal (Remix)
    Blue Stahli Kill Me Every Time (Hypnotic Mix)
    Blutengel You Walk Away
    BlutEngel You Walk Away (Beyond The Sun Remix)
    Bruderschaft Falling
    Bruderschaft Goodbye (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
    Bruderschaft Return (Featuring Assemblage 23) (Imperative Reaction Mix)
    Bruderschaft Return (Featuring Assemblage 23) (Mesh Mix)
    Bruderschaft Trigger (Edge Of Dawn Mix)
    Centhron Lamia
    Chamaeleon Out Of Control (Schizo remix by Headshock)
    Chamaeleon The Point Of No Return
    Code 64 Accelerate (Radio Edit)
    Code : Red Core Denial (Feat. David Ian)
    Controlled Collapse Fragment Of Time (Feat. Aleksa
    Covenant For Our Time (Demo Version)
    Covenant Ignorance & Bliss
    Covenant Last Dance
    Covenant Last Dance (Version)
    Covenant The Kingdom Come
    Cryo In Your Eyes (Club Version)
    Cryogenic Echelon Fall Of The Reptiles (Grendel Remix)
    CygnosiC Begin With Me (FGFC820 Remix)
    CygnosiC Fire And Forget
    Cygnosic Realize (Detroit Diesel Remix)
    Cynical Existence I'm Broken (Pre:emptive Strike 0.1 Rework)
    Darkhaus Breaking The Silence (Eisbrecher Club Cut)
    De:Ad:Cibel My Whole Life Is An Error Message
    De:Ad:Cibel Russian Qi
    Degeneraciyn Debraye Achtung! Revolution On The Dance Floor
    Degeneraciyn Debraye Body & Simphony
    Denormal Bleed
    Depeche Mode Should Be Higher (Little Vampire Remix)
    Depeche Mode Should Be Higher (MAPS Remix)
    Der Klinke The Doll
    Die Krupps Schmutzfabrik
    Diffuzion City of Dust
    Diskarnate Seven Sorrows
    Diskonnekted Yesteryears (Neuroticfish Mix)
    Diskonnekted Yesteryears (Radio Existence)
    Editors Formaldehyde
    Electro Spectre Night in Japan (God's Work)
    Endanger Close to the Edge
    Espermachine Bleeding Hands
    Exploding Boy, The Street Cliché
    Formalin This Isn't Love (2013 Rework)
    Freakangel The Book of Violence (Cygnosic Remix)
    Freakangel The Ones to Fall (Cyferdyne Remix)
    Front Line Assembly Exhale
    Front Line Assembly Killing Grounds
    Frozen Plasma Herz
    Frozen Plasma Herz (Neuroticfish remix)
    Funker Vogt The Firm
    Gary Numan Here In The Black
    Gary Numan I Am Dust
    Gary Numan Love Hurt Bleed
    Gary Numan Love Hurt Bleed (DJ Rob Bleed Darker Mix)
    Gary Numan Love Hurt Bleed (DJ Rob Everything Bleeds Mix)
    Ghost & Writer Never Take Fire (Secret Rework)
    goJA moon ROCKAH Minimale Totale (Tanz Totale Mix by DE_TOT_COR)
    Gothika Brocken (Covenant Remix)
    Haujobb Letting The Demons Sleep
    Hocico Thy Kingdom Come
    How to Destroy Angels Strings and attractors
    Hydra Division V Wake Up Bleeding
    Hätz Fucking Bass
    IAMX The Unified Field (faux tales club mix)
    Ikon Subversion II (2013 Remix)
    Imperative Reaction Song For The Martyr (Vexxed Remyx by Mob Research)
    In Strict Confidence Justice (Falko Niestolik & BK Duke Vocal Remix)
    Inertia Lies (Ionnokz Mix)
    Informatik How Long (Razor's Edge)
    Interface It Begins Today
    Ivardensphere Bonedance
    Junksista Electronique (DIFFUZION Remix)
    Junksista Naked Wet Hot (DIMENSION FLUX mix)
    Junksista Paranoid (AESTHETISCHE remix)
    Junksista Paranoid (ESSENCE OF MIND remix)
    Juno Reactor Final Frontier (Radio Edit)
    Kant Kino Just For The Comfort Of Sleep
    Kant Kino Just for the Comfort of Sleep (Insomnia Edit with Karine Kristiansen)
    Kant Kino My Sweetest Crime (ESSENCE OF MIND Remix)
    Kant Kino Übermensch
    Kirlian Camera Heavens
    Klangstabil Shadowboy - The Awakening
    KMFDM Ave Maria
    KMFDM I <3 Not
    KMFDM Kunst
    KMFDM Quake
    Krystal System Rage (No Slayer Mix)
    Ladytron Ambulances (Gosteffects Remix)
    Last Cry, The Under My Skin (feat. Julianne Regan) (Archway Towers Remix)
    Lastrax The Limit (Exess Desicion Mix by F.O.D.)
    Latexxx Teens Adrenochrome (Terrolokaust Remix)
    Leaether Strip In Broken Homes (Club Version)
    Lia Organa + Electric Prince featuring Marc Massive Dead Silence (Original Mix)
    Lights of Euphoria vs. Soman Stripped
    Lost Area It`s Time (Feat. Dennis Ostermann from In Strict Confidence)
    Lovelorn Dolls No-Life
    Massiv In Mensch Dark Rave 2013 (Dubbed)
    Massiv In Mensch The Way to Oblivion (Clubmix by AndyK from Melotron)
    Massiv In Mensch The Way to Oblivion (feat. Melotron)
    Melotron Stuck in the Mirror
    Mesh Adjust Your Set (Rob Dust Remix)
    Mesh Born to Lie (Club Version)
    Method Cell The Fallacy (Exhibit A)
    Mindless Self Indulgence Ala Mode
    Ministry PermaWar
    Miss Fd Wanting Is Not Enough
    Miss Kittin Maneki Neko
    Mission, The Sometimes The Brightest Light Comes From The Darkest Place (MGT remix)
    Mono Inc. Heile, Heile Segen
    Mono Inc. Kein Weg Zu Weit
    Moon.74 How I Feel (Radio Edit)
    Mordacious Dirty Slut
    Mordacious Stand Your Ground
    Neuroticfish Behaviour
    Neuroticfish Former Me
    Neuroticfish I Don't Need The City (Remix)
    Nine Inch Nails Came Back Haunted
    Nine Inch Nails Copy of A
    Nine Inch Nails Disappointed
    Nine Inch Nails I Would For You
    Nine Inch Nails Satellite
    Noblesse Oblige In The Heat Of The Night
    Noidz Estranha Forma de Vida (ft. Katia Guerreiro)
    Nullse Corruption
    Orange Sector Der Maschinist (Remixed By Martin Bodewell)
    Orange Sector Geile Zeit (Feat. Lyronian)
    Orange Sector Touch
    Parralox Creep (PZYKED Edit)
    Place4Tears Illusion (Version)
    Plastic Noise Experience Control (remixed by AD:KEY)
    Pride And Fall Hollow ([:SITD:] Remix)
    Project Pitchfork Rain
    Proyecto Crisis Dance Machine (Mangadriver Rmxv2)
    Purple Fog Side Emptiness Is a Gift
    Rabia Sorda Deaf (Terrolokaust Remix)
    Rabia Sorda Hotel Suicide
    Saint-Paul Consequence
    Saint-Paul Lonely Despair
    Section 25 Inner Drive
    Silizium Die Szene hasst mich
    Skinny Puppy paragUn
    Skyla Vertex Begriffsgewalt
    Skyla Vertex Begriffsgewalt (Frozen Plasma Remix)
    Skyla Vertex Medienmoloch
    Sleetgrout Feel Me Twice
    Sleetgrout Get Rid Of This Life (Nitro/Noise Remix)
    Snog The Plug-In Drug
    Solitary Experiments Trial And Error
    Solitary Experiments Trial And Error (Splitter Rmx)
    Stahlnebel & Black Selket Life Sentence
    State of the Union Timerunner (Radio Edit)
    Stok:Holm Before Dawn (Radio Edit)
    Stok:Holm Higher Ground (Vox)
    Suicide Commando Body Machine Body (Demo Version)
    Suicide Commando Monster
    Suicide Commando Monster (Unter Null Remix)
    Suicide Commando My Blasphemy
    Suicide Commando My Blasphemy (Dust Remix by ES23)
    Suicide Commando Unterwelt (Single Edit)
    Syrian Fire In Your Eyes (Midnight Resistance Remix)
    Team Ghost Dead Film Star
    tEaR!doWn Would You Follow Me (nocomment
    Terminal State Ultraviolet Coma
    Terminal State We´re From Earth
    Terrolokaust Pointless
    Terrolokaust Scars That Never Heal
    Terrolokaust The Way It Must Be (NITRO/NOISE Remix)
    Terrorkode Operation Q (CHAINREACTOR Remix)
    Torul All In
    Torul Mad World (Rob Dust Remix)
    Torul The Fall (Original Single Version)
    Tricky We Don't Die
    Tyske Ludder Bambule (EvvilKing-Mix by Steril)
    Tyske Ludder Bambule (Harmbule-Mix by Harm Joy)
    Valium Era Machtnarr (feat. Sleetgrout)
    Vaylon Let Love Be
    Virgins O.R Pigeons Bleed To Lead (I Give Up)
    Virgins O.R Pigeons Bordello
    Virgins O.R Pigeons Born In Sin
    Virgins O.R Pigeons Gotta Get Mad
    Virgins O.R Pigeons Time To Die (Aesthetische Remix)
    Visage Shameless Fashion
    VNV Nation Off Screen
    VNV Nation Primary
    VNV Nation Retaliate
    Voicecoil Vision
    Wonder Stuff, The Clear Thru the Years (Baltistan Mantra rmx by MGT)
    Wynardtage One Last Magazine
    Wynardtage Salvation (Nachtmahr Remix)
    X-Fusion I Am Your God
    X-Fusion Raise Your Voice
    Xotox Schwanengesang
    Zynic Dead End

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    Definitely like the Alien Oil-Closer, Project Pitchfork-Rain, all of the Gary Numan, Suicide Commando- Monster, and Kant Kino- for the comfort of sleep as top fivish.

    Like the Apop Major Tom too.

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    For me the best (new) song this year was the apoptygma version of major Tom, though I must say there have been lots of quite good songs this year

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