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    Industrial Club Sessions by END: the DJ 1/14/14 Track list

    Industrial Club Sessions by END: the DJ
    Aired 1/14/14

    Track list:

    Covenant- Last Dance
    Blue Sense- Just A Touch
    Surveillance- Rise [Preview Mix]
    Serge Macoveu- Inspire
    Miss FD- Wanting is Not Enough
    Zynic- Hard to Breathe (Album Version)
    Download- LingAM
    Leonid Tofilo & Mark Bester- Binding of Memories
    Interface- It Begins Today (Club Revolution Mix)
    L.S.G.- Goddess
    Spektralized- Unite Us All
    Surgyn- Sharp As Stars
    Solitary Experiments- Trial and Error
    Ice Upon Fire- Hypnotic Disorder (Gary Afterlife Remix)

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