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    Anyone Horseriding (And/ Or playing online horse games)

    I used to ride alot, then, after a while, decided to buy a mare named Kayleen. She was 16 when i bought her.when i broke up with my partner after a while (Believe me, I had too), Started living alone and it was so hard to bring up the costs. I decided to sell my wonderfull mare.. She was 23 at that time, though you wouldnt notice.
    Now I miss her so much, ive hardly being able to ride though I had people coming to me if I could please ride their horse or care for it. Ive had so much private issues that I didnt have any time to do so (Besides that I stil feel horrible about selling my mare to a 'friend' .. Or atleast I thought that person was a good friend... Turned out to be not so )
    Anyway, anyone else has a wonderfulll horse power, to share, or plays horse games? I play alot of horse games haha. few of em being Horsephenomena, Starstable, horse isle...
    This was my wonderfull mare, A 1m63cm Dutch Warmblood (KWPN)she has done well in heavy dressage classes (not with me though) but she did know all the stuff (I love dressage haha ):

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow! That is an absolutely gorgeous animal! I can imagine she was hard to give up! I have only ridden a horse one time in my life (I was only 11 or so) and it was a nice time, but it was just trail walking. Nothing super exciting unless you count that the one behind me bit my knee!! yeah, that hurt!

    The closest I've been to a horse since then is in Skyrim!!

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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