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    San Francisco clubs

    SF's most industrial/goth night is Death Guild, every Monday at the DNA Lounge. Being a weeknight club means fewer MTV types dropping in. It's the second longest running industrial club in the world. (One in London is a little older)

    For other goth/industrial clubs in San Francisco, these days the Cat Club on Friday nights is the venue for almost all the rest. It's a different club each week, but most Fridays it's some mix of industrial & goth: Dark Shadows, Dancing Ghosts, Strangelove. There's also Bondage A-Go-Go every Wednesday - the fetish theme is a sideshow for anybody interested, but for everybody else it's just great industrial music.

    The Cat Club is also home for most 80's New Wave & Pop nights in SF - every Thursday Class of '84, and also some Saturdays (Club Gossip, New Wave City).

    The posting system wouldn't let me include URL links in the message. (I understand, a defense against automated spam.) Google "Death Guild", "Cat Club SF", "DNA Lounge" or "SF Goth and Industrial Clubs" for the links I couldn't post.
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