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    Watch: Morrissey walks off during ‘Everyday is Like Sunday,’ ends concert after 6 songs

    [tweetmeme]Buying a ticket to a Morrissey concert remains a dicey proposition, with the latest mishap coming Monday night in Tucson, Ariz., as the former Smiths singer left the stage with vocal issues during the night’s sixth song — leaving fans far short of a full show.
    According to the Arizona Daily Star, Morrissey had complained of vocal problems, at one point saying, “It seems I have left half my mouth in Guadalajara,” in reference to the singer’s recent concerts in Mexico. “But I will stand here and I will sing, and, if necessary, I will drop dead.”
    Morrissey performed “Suedehead,” “Alma Matters,” “When Last I Spoke To Carol,” “Speedway” and “Staircase At The University” before he slipped off stage during “Everyday is Like Sunday.” After the house music came back on, keyboard player Gustavo Manzur emerged, saying, “His voice is shot. You heard it, you heard it. He’s been trying, trying really hard. He came out, he tried. His voice is really shot. We’re sorry. He’s sorry. You know he tried.” (See video below.)
    The concert’s promoter, according to the Tucson newspaper, is trying to negotiate a rescheduled concert.
    Monday night’s ill-fated performance comes after a series of cancellations during Morrissey’s U.S. tour late last year, including a concert in Boulder, Colo., that wasn’t scrubbed until after the venue had filled with fans (in that case Manzur, the keyboardist, had fallen ill).
    Morrissey’s tour is slated to resume Wednesday night at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio, Texas — one of several concerts that were canceled twice last year.
    Below, see video of Moz walking off during “Everyday is Like Sunday,” and some of the preceding songs, too. His voice sounds particularly off in the performance of “Staircase at the University.”

    “Everyday is Like Sunday” + exit stage right

    “Staircase at the University”

    “Alma Matters”



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