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    December 2007 Sanctuary Radio News

    Thanks for your support! We made our goal this month!!!
    Thanks to Amy, samm, MortuariezGhosts, speedy72vega, Jarad, Krona, despairkitty, Tamakay, Gorey Details, Raevyneyes, vitam, Brandy, Daniel, Pixie, locustgirl, Krona, Kristin and especially Stephan for helping us make our goal this month! Because of exceeding our goal, we will not be shutting down any streams and we'll put the extra amount towards January's goal. Everyone have a safe and happy New Years Eve from Sanctuary Radio!
    If you missed The Chris Rohn Program on Thursday night, you can catch the replay this Sunday, December 30th at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific. This show is 2 hours and highlights the top 25 bands heard on the CRP over the last 12 months. The Dark Synthesis with DJ SelArom replay immediately follows at Midnight Eastern/9PM Pacific.
    Coming up this week!
    Don't miss our 2 weekly specialty shows on Sanctuary Radio's Main Channel, both at 10pm Eastern! Wednesday night at 10 is Dark Synthesis with DJ SelArom. Thursday at 10, The Chris Rohn Program is doing a special 2 HOUR YEAR-END BEST OF 2007 show! And starting at 3PM Eastern today and going through New Years, every 4th song on Sanctuary Radio's Main Channel will be a track from 2007! Thanks for listening and helping us grow in 2007!
    We have been notified by PayPal (the company who processes our online donations) that a couple of the donations that were made to us this month were done so with stolen credit cards. So they took the money back and payments we made bounced causing us to owe more money. Please, if you "find" someone else's card, DO NOT use it to try to give us money. It will not work and it just causes a big headache for DJ Rob who has to spend hours on the phone with the lack of English speaking folks at PayPal to keep from losing the rest of our funds. Please donate - just use yours or your parent's cards...with permission of course
    And if you want to use a method besides PayPal, please email us at: and we will try to accommodate you.
    Thanks for your support!
    Everyone Have A Safe & Good Holiday Season!All of us at Sanctuary Radio wish you and your family a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!
    For the next couple of weeks, we will be running a bare bones staff so we can take some time off to enjoy time with friends and family. But don't fear, we will all be back stronger than ever the first week of January! Our Wednesday and Thursday night shows, Dark Synthesis and The Chris Rohn Program will still be on. In fact, this Thursday and next are special year end editions of The Chris Rohn Program with next weeks' show being 2 hours! Thanks for all of your support and be safe out there!
    Thank you! Please help if you can! First off, I want to thank everyone who has supported Sanctuary Radio. Without you, the station and this site wouldn't been here. I want to also give a big thanks to DJ Chris Rohn, DJ Sin and DJ SelArom for donating their time and effort to give our listeners their cool weekly shows. When the station gets in situations like this, I want to give you a heads up on what is or may be happening in the future. Because we were so short on our November donation goal and today we were informed that our streaming costs will be doubling starting this month, it looks like I will have to cut back our expenses in order to keep this site alive. In the next few weeks, we will probably start by turning off our MP3 stream and lowering the bitrate on the stream for our 80s channel. We will be looking at more cutbacks if donations do not get better. And if we do not make our December goal, we may have to consider totally shutting down. I simply cannot afford to donate all of my time and also a good amount of money to keep this place going anymore. I hope that each one of you that listen will help us and donate as much as you can to us now. If we can make up the November shortage ($216) in the first week of December, no cut backs will be made in December. I will try to keep you updated as to what is going on and you are welcome to discuss your ideas and concerns about our future in our forums here. Thanks for listening and reading this. DJ Rob
    We Still Need Your Donations! I want to thank Bryan, samm, speedy72vega, Tamakay, despairkitty, Jarad, DJ SelArom, RedMan, Pixie, locustgirl and Timothy for donating in November! You all rock! Sadly, we were still $216.57 short of our $500 goal. This is the first time in about a year we did not achieve our goal. We will add it to what we need in December. As you may not know, it currently costs about $1,000 - $1,500 a month to keep Sanctuary Radio on the air. We hope to cover $500 of that from your donations. So please donate if you can - it's quick and easy! Thank you for your support!

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