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    November 2007 Sanctuary Radio News

    Tonight at 10PM Eastern! Dark Synthesis with DJ SelArom
    Thursday at 10PM Eastern! The Chris Rohn Program
    This Weekend! Starting Friday night, it is a no-repeat weekend on Sanctuary Radio's main channel! You won't hear the same track twice all weekend! And if you have a request, as always let us know at:
    We are always here LIVE 24/7 365 days a year for you!

    Our move went quickly and without too many problems. Let us know if you experience any issues with our streams. Thanks for your patience!
    We will be moving our studios around 11:30PM Eastern to our new permanant home for at least the next 30 years - at least according to the loan documents. It should only take a couple of hours to get back on the air.
    It looks like we will be off the air either Tuesday the 20th or Wednesday the 21st next week for a few hours as we move our studio to our new home. More info as we get it. Thanks for your patience.

    One Last Try: DJ Sin please call or email DJ Rob!
    TONIGHT! Catch "Dark Synthesis with DJ SelArom" tonight and every Wednesday night at 10PM Eastern! And we are proud to announce the birth of the Dark Synthesis w/ DJ SelArom Podcast! You can subscribe and receive the latest episodes every week when you can't listen to Sanctuary Radio. New episodes of the podcast will be released Thursdays after the show airs on Sanctuary, and the back-episodes will be released Sundays until they're caught up. Our Thursday night at 10PM show, The Chris Rohn Program already has a weekly podcast that you can find here.
    Please bear with us over the next 2-3 weeks as we pack up and move our studios. We hope it will go smoothly and we will give you some notice if we will have a planned outage due to the move. Thanks!
    In addition to your donations, we are hoping some of you will be able to help promote Sanctuary Radio so we can keep growing. Please spread the word about us to your friends! Thanks for your support!

    Calling DJ Sin!!! Please call or email DJ Rob!
    DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS IN NORTH AMERICA THIS SUNDAY!This Sunday morning (11/4) at 2AM Eastern Time, people in North America (including Sanctuary Radio) will turn our clocks back one hour. So if you live in other parts of the world, Eastern time will go from -4GMT to -5GMT.

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