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    September 2007 Sanctuary Radio News

    Thank You For Keeping Us Alive Another Month!!! Thanks to
    vitam, anon, SelArom, locustgirl, samm, Stephan, Despairkitty, RedMan, Gorey Details, Pixie, speedy72vega and Yvonne! But we still need your donations! We now start on our October goal which is $500. Thanks for your support!

    Gorey Details is giving away a Haunted Portrait! Details on our main page under "Sanctuary Sponsors".

    Dark Synthesis with DJ SelArom debuts at 10PM Eastern!
    New Show!!! We are proud to announce a new weekly show on Sanctuary Radio's main channel! In addition to Redemption with DJ Sin on Tuesdays and The Chris Rohn Program on Thursdays, Dark Synthesis with DJ SelArom starts this Wednesday 9/26/07 at 10PM Eastern! Give it a listen!
    Colorado Studios Moving!!! I'm proud to announce we will be moving our Denver Colorado area studios to nicer digs at the end of November/beginning of December.
    Over the last few months we have had a murder next door, various shootings and attempted break-ins. We did save money and kept our expenses down being located where we were, but something had to be done because of the safety issues. It is not cheap to have a new location wired/setup for the station and we also need to upgrade some equipment so we will not have any more outages.

    So in order to help raise what we will need, we are going to have a Sanctuary Radio garage sale! We will be posting what we have for sale starting next week! We will also have supporting businesses donate items to sell that will go towards what we need! If you are a business and are interested in donating anything towards this, please email us at:
    And please keep the donations coming! We really need your help! Thanks for your support!

    Please Help Us!!! We need more listeners who can help us get the word out about Sanctuary Radio and/or to collect donations in your town's clubs/cafes. And more to become involved in coming up ideas to keep us on the air. Last month when we thought it could be the end, a lot of you said you would become involved but after we made our monthly goal, that has not happened to the extent we need. PLEASE just a little bit of effort on your part will insure we stay alive! And if you are promoting an event, please don't forget to mention us as well to keep getting the word out! We are discussing ways to keep Sanctuary on the air in our forums HERE. Please join us! We really need more listeners involved if we are to survive. Thank you for your support!

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