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    June 2007 Sanctuary Radio News

    We have added live music news, updating bargains and more to our forums.
    Check it out!

    It looks like we have a chance of being carried in North America on satellite radio! I have been told from an inside source that we are the short list of new programming that is being considered once the XM/Sirius merger goes though. It looks like this merger will save the satellite radio industry and offer more choice with channels like ours!

    Check out our new FORUMS!
    We are in the process of making it a one stop place to chat and to get updated news!

    We are looking for listeners to help with a Sanctuary Radio/Alternative 80s fundraiser. We are in the planning stages and are open to your ideas on how we do an event in the next couple of months to be able to raise our some money so we can reach our goals and stay on the air. We will also need people to contact businesses for giveaways and such for the fundraiser. Please email us at if you can help. Thanks!

    I am proud to announce we have a new supporting business - Gorey Details. I have personally ordered from them in the past before they approached us and they have some really cool stuff! Please check out their web site and support them!

    Thanks to our May donators! - Dale, Alice, S&M, Tamakay, Deanna, Diva, Pixie, Samm, Jules, Sindustry, Brett, Stephan, Varla and Ara! Sadly, we were a combined total of $398.97short of our April - May goals. So $398.97 will be carried over in addition to the usual $500 monthly goal this month. So PLEASE donate what you can so we can survive. Thanks for your support!

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