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    May 2007 Sanctuary Radio News

    5/29/07 - Posted by DJ Rob
    We hope you enjoyed our live updates all weekend from Convergence 13 in Portland! And thanks to all of the listeners who showed up! It was fun!
    And hello to all of the new listeners that saw our ad in the Convergence 13 program! Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments:
    After a day off, DJ Rob will be back LIVE Wednesday morning!
    5/23/07 - Posted by DJ RobI'll be in Portland starting Thursday morning for Convergence. If you would like to meet up at Convergence this weekend, please shoot me an email to:
    It's going to be a blast! I hope to see a lot of you there!
    DJ Rob

    5/18/07 - Posted by DJ RobNext weekend, Convergence 13 is happening! Will you be there? WE WILL!
    5/14/07 - Posted by DJ RobWe have added more streams on both Sanctuary Radio and Alternative 80s to support all of the new listeners we are getting. And our streams now support Winamp and other players on Alternative 80s as well as Windows Media Player.
    5/12/07 - Posted by DJ Rob
    Convergence 13 Update
    We just got an email from the band, London After Midnight:

    "I've been getting numerous emails asking if LAM is playing Convergence 13 after hearing this on your station. Just to clarify, LAM is not playing Convergence 13. The promoters asked LAM to headline however Sean is busy recording the new CD, so the timing wasn't right and Sean had to turn down the offer."

    So please for the most updated info on Convergence 13, go to
    5/10/07 - Posted by DJ Rob
    Starting today, we have decided to give the ability to anyone (companies or individuals) to have an ad on our web site to help towards our monthly financial goals. We will limit the image to a size of 160X120 pixels for a minimum donation of $25/month. It will be displayed on the main page below the shout box only. If you are interested, please contact us at:
    And please, support the companies/people who support us and visit those sites!
    5/5/07 - Posted by DJ RobWe are actively looking to do a Goth/Industrial Sanctuary Radio club night in the Denver, Colorado area with cool themes such as Haunted House Goth Night, Industrial Music Gas Mask Night, German Music Uniform Night, Darkwave 80s Hair Night, Masquerade Mask Night and much more! It's time to make some noise and have nights that are different and interesting every time you go to them! I hope to have an announcement about something different and fun in the next month or two...
    5/1/07 - Posted by DJ RobThanks to our April donators! - Diva, Wade, Tamakay, Melissa, Stephan, Maureen, Pixie, Anonymous and Lisa!
    Sadly, we were $162.95 short of our April goal. So if you can, PLEASE donate what you can. Thanks for your support!

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