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    October 2006 Sanctuary Radio News

    He is the winner of the Duran Duran painting (courtesy of Jamie Roxx)for donating in September! For each dollar you donate to Sanctuary/Flashback Radio, you get a raffle ticket entered in your name for a painting drawing we are doing for that month. $5 = 5 tickets, $25 = 25 tickets, etc...
    The Robert Smith painting to the right is the one you can win if you donate in October! Plus, you'll get a 20% off of $50 discount at Sindustry Fetish!

    Thanks to the following people for their donations in September:
    Lady Attercop, Dred, Pixie, Reed, Tamakay, Stephan, Greg, Christina, Wayne, Anonymous Donations
    We only raised about 60% of our goal in September so let's make October a record month so we can stay around!

    Our new daily all request show, "30 minutes Of Anarchy" starts today at 2pm eastern! Check it out!

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