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    July 2006 Sanctuary Radio News

    We upgraded the site this morning. Let us know if you have any suggestions or problems with it. Thanks!

    Out of thousands of listeners, only 5 or so people make the station possible to the other thousands. Hopefully we can get more of a balance and have more people donate like a buck or two. We would rather have 100 people each donate $5, instead of 5 people donating $100 each. If you have listened and never donated, please give what you can. Thanks!

    Since we got a little over $300 in donations over the weekend, I decided to remove the ads on the front page. Thanks to the three people who donated! Please help us make our monthly goal so I don't have to put the ads back. We need $189 to make our July goal. It would be nice to even break our goal to make up for the past few months. Remember we rely solely on your donations to stay on the air. Thanks for your support!

    You may have noticed we added paid advertising on the far right side of the main page. We held off as long as we could, but we are now desperate to find ways to keep the station going financially. Over the last few months we have been well short of donation goals. Our goals are only a fraction of the total amount if takes to keep the station going and DJ Rob has had to pay streaming bills amounting in thousands of dollars out of his own pocket. When/if we meet our donation goals for at least 2 months in a row, we will remove the ads from the site. For now, the broadcasts are still commercial free. Our goal is to keep it that way but we can't do it without your help. Please donate if you can.

    If we were supposed to send you a free CD and you never got it, please email DJ Rob. It appears we had a few get lost in the mail over the last couple of months.

    Promote Us! Get Free CDs from Nilaihah!

    We need your help getting the word out about Sanctuary Radio! Please if you can, advertise us to your friends, co-workers, on LiveJournal, on MySpace, on email groups and/or any other place that will get the word out about how great Sanctuary Radio is. Feel free to use our banners on our "
    Link To Us" page. Just simply copy and paste the code and you're done! Let us know what you did and you will be rewarded with 2 free CDs from Nilaihah Records! You will get the latest from Invisible Ballet and the 2006 A Different Drum/Niliahah Music Sampler.
    Thanks for helping your station!
    You can also download and print our flyer by clicking here!If you donate to Sanctuary Radio,
    you will get free stuff!!!
    Click Here For More Details!

    Congrats to Erika from Ohio who won the Sisters Of Mercy painting courtesy of Jamie Roxx!

    We raised $199.75 of our $500 goal for June. Thanks to everyone that helped! But this makes the 3rd month in a row where we have missed our monthly goal. The goal we set is only a fraction of what it really costs to keep the station on the air. DJ Rob has been making up the financial difference, but he is unable to in the future. Please help if you can to keep your station on the air or it may be gone. Thanks!

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