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    February 2008 Sanctuary Radio News

    Congrats to Ing, Stephanie, Grim, Christopher & Shalei who each won a pair of tickets to the And One show in Denver, Colorado USA happening tomorrow night!

    We added a cool new java player under the Sanctuary Radio Main Channel direct links. Since the player is written in java, it should work under most platforms like Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac, etc. Let us know what you think and if you have any issues with it.
    We also have 3 pairs of tickets left to give away to the Denver, Colorado AND ONE show that is happening a week from tonight! If you can make it to the show, click hereto find out how you can win those tickets! Ing and Stephanie have already each won a pair! Could you be next???

    This weekend is a random no-repeat weekend on Sanctuary Radio's Main Channel! Wow that's a mouthful! We usually try to play an equal mix of your favorite older and newer tunes (yes, there is a method to our usual madness). But this weekend, that goes out the window as we put all of all of our music on shuffle with no repeats! The DJs will be wearing blindfolds as they grab CDs (not really) and tunes will be played totally at random (along with your requests of course). We hope you enjoy it!

    Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of today, DJ Rob will be hosting a "Love Stinks" edition of our Monday-Thursday show, "30 Minutes Of Anarchy". We will also be giving away another pair of tickets to the AND ONE show in Denver, February 26th. Remember, you have to be entered to win! Details on how you can enter are here. UPDATE: Our latest winner is Stephanie! Congrats! She wins a pair of tickets! If you didn't win, we will be giving away more tickets to the show next week! So make sure you get entered!

    Denver Colorado area listeners! Want FREE tickets to the February 26th AND ONE show? Details are here!We are giving away a pair TODAY during 30 Minutes Of Anarchy. UPDATE: Today's winner is ING! Congrats! He wins a pair of tickets! If you didn't win, we will be giving away more tickets to the show next week! So make sure you get entered!

    Our streams seemed to be dropping listeners today so we just installed a brand new super server that encodes all of our streams. Hopefully it is $1500 of your donations well spent. You should hear better audio quality in our streams with less dropouts/problems. And as always, if you have trouble connecting or if one of our streams may have an issue, please let us know at: We only know about problems if you tell us.

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