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    May 2008 Sanctuary Radio News

    There's been some great new releases coming out! We have added about 40 brand new tracks just this month to our Main Channel's rotation!

    Please spread the word of Sanctuary! Help us in our quest of world domination! Post our banners on your web site, blog or MySpace! You can find them on the bottom of our donate/promote page! Click here!

    Over the last few days you may have noticed that our site has been either been coming up very slowly, or not at all. Our hosting provider has been having trouble keeping up with all of the new listeners that we have been getting. They have assured us that as of tonight, the problems should be resolved. Let us know if you have any issues. Thanks for your patience and greetings to all of our new listeners!

    DJ Rob is broadcasting live from Southern California USA all this week! And he will be at the Jimmy Kimmel show in Hollywood, Tuesday night! We are working on a California listener meet up. Email us if you in the Southern California area and are interested!

    Thanks for all of the emails and calls of support regarding what we posted about yesterday. You all rock!

    There have been some untrue and pretty libelous comments in a local club DJ's blog about us today. This local DJ has a history of dirty unethical tactics and personal attacks against anything or anyone they deem "competition". We believe the more choices you have, the better for this scene to be healthy and grow!

    One ridiculous comment in the blog is that our station is somehow costing that DJ patrons to their club night. Another, states that our DJ Rob uses station donations for his mortgage payments so he doesn't have to work a job.

    These people are purposing spreading mistruths and they do not even know DJ Rob. The truth is, DJ Rob does not even have a mortgage payment. He gives 40+ hours a week to keep Sanctuary Radio on the air for FREE and also works another fulltime job. We have always been open and truthful about everything we do and how we use your donations - so again here's a current breakdown showing that our bills are A LOT MORE than what we receive in donations - and that 100% of your donations goes towards real station costs.

    Here's the current breakdown on what our 2008 yearly costs are:
    Domain registrations & website hosting - $408
    Forums & Studio software licensing - $485
    Stream hosting (128k streams) varies but currently using 2,000+ slots - $11,400
    High speed internet connections for studio - $1,020
    Equipment repair costs - varies but seem to run between $1,000-$4,000
    Electricity for studio equipment - $600-$800
    Buying new music - $2400

    The items above total between $17,313 - $20, 513 for this year. In 2007, our costs for the above items was $17,316.
    We only ask for $500 a month as a goal - that is a total of $6,000 a year that we get in donations. That still leaves another $11,000+ that we still need for our bills even if we make our goals...

    In addition to working here for free, DJ Rob makes up the difference between our donation goals and our total costs since we need a lot more than what we receive in donations. He also pays for MANY other things not listed above (like buying new music) directly out of his own pocket. We welcome any questions and comments you may have about your station. You can email us at: Sanctuary Radio is really a labor of love for all of us and we can't say enough how much we appreciate anyone who decides to help us stay on the air. Thanks for your continued support!

    We are a little more than annoyed about some of the posts in our shoutbox and forums lately. It seems the person or persons are bored with their lives and have nothing better to do than to try to screw with us and this site. They are posting from the Denver, Colorado area and we have banned as many of their IP addresses as we could track down. We know people can't always get along but please do not spread hate publically here. And if you have a problem with anyone here, instead of making childish posts in our shoutbox, please let us know via email so we can try to resolve any issues. If you can't play nice here, please go somewhere else - simple as that. And if you hate us and want to make trouble, you can go play hide and go f yourself. We aren't making you stay here. Any threats or hate towards any Sanctuary Radio staff member or listener will be rewarded in a ban of your ip address from the site. You will get a nice little message saying you do not have permission to view this site from now on so you will have nothing to bitch about. Now let's all have fun, enjoy some great tunes and ignore the idiots.

    We were just notified that we have been removed from the Windows Media Player's radio station guide. The reason given is that Sanctuary Radio "no longer fits a need at this time". We provide a unique format to other stations they have listed so it could be a case of Goth discrimination. This delisting could cut our listenership. So we really need your help right now getting the word out and letting everyone you know to tune in to Sanctuary Radio! And if you can donate, please throw us some spare change towards our May goal as we are getting behind again. Thanks for your support! UPDATE: We have received a couple of reports that someone could've been behind getting us delisted. If anyone has heard anything or know of anyone who has a problem with Sanctuary, please let us know via email!

    We have completed some major upgrades to our studios. That means no more dropouts on our streams and we are proud to give you the best digital sound quality available!
    To report any problems with our streams or web site, please email us at:

    Because of listener input, we have decided to give "30 Minutes Of Anarchy" a break for a while. Something new and different will be in its place soon; probably in June. And as always, we welcome your input on anything about the station - just email us at:

    Want a free copy of the new Nine Inch Nails CD, "The Slip"? You can download it for free HERE! Thank you Trent!

    We exceeded our April 2008 donation goal by $60! The excess will make our May goal only $440! Once we raise our May goal, we will not have to worry about shutting down all Summer since it will show a potential invester that people are willing to step up and help! Thanks to everyone that who donated in April - My Toys For Joy, Sara, Locustgirl, Pixie, Despairkitty, Krona, Eric from Cire Printing, Crushed Velvet Rope Productions, Marisa, Gorey Details, DJ SelArom, Jennifer, samm, MortuariezGhosts, Diva, Tamakay, Kristin, Douglas, Stephan, Nellarika, Yvonne, Toman Engineering and RedMan! You all rock!

    Crushed Velvet Rope Productions put in $5 for every $20 or more donation. That ended up being 13 donations for an additional $65! THANK YOU!

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