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    Talking Denver Zombie Crawl

    Zombie Crawl Time!

    Saturday October, 18th 6pm

    Here is the copy to tell you more about this event.

    We will beginning at the Denver Pavilions at the corner of 16th and Glenarm at 5pm. Those needing blood, makeup, blood, torn clothes, blood... ect can prep before the event. The walk begins at 6 (heading west on 16th to Market st). Come as a zombie or prepared to become a zombie. If you want makeup artists to "attack" you and make you a zombie put an X on your chest and run around screaming "Oh my god!! They are attacking me!!"

    *NOTE: This is not a pub crawl. There is no drinking during the crawl, only slow moving zombies in search of brains.

    As in previous years, we will end the crawl by eating brains (pizza) at Two Fisted Mario's and brain juice (drinks) at Double Daughters

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