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    October 2008 Sanctuary Radio News


    THIS IS IT!!! We have until the end of today to make our remaining goal so we can stay on the air! If you haven't donated, now is the time to please please please throw us a few bucks so we stay on the air! If you have donated and can afford to donate a little more, that would so rock too! Thanks so much for your support! And have a safe and happy Halloween!

    In addition to your donations, we rely on YOU to advertise how great we are! Please tell your coworkers, friends and local scene about us! You can use one of our banners near the bottom of our "Help Us" page. We also hope to have some flyers printed soon so that volunteers can distribute them in their town. Thanks for all of your help!

    A BIG thanks goes out to Aveluciferi, DJ SelArom, realitychek78, Pixie, Ben, Diva, Arwen, Jason, Locustgirl, Smontana, RedMan, samm, Jason, Dilliwag, Wirehead Raj, Heather, Kara, Stephan and an Anonymous Hot Goth Chick for donating in September and helping keep us alive. Sadly, we were $50.39 short of our goal. It will be added to our October $500 goal. For now, we are keeping our LIVE streams FREE and available to everyone - with one small change. You will now need to log in to have access to our streams and other cool features such as Instant Online Requests. If you are not registered yet, it's totally free and pretty painless. If you have any problems registering and/or verifying your email address, please email us at so we can fix it. We will only be allowing free user accounts for a limited time! So let everyone you know so they can get their FREE account before it's too late. Thanks again for all of your continued support! We couldn't do this without you! Once you do log in, you will see the listening links on our main page. If you register, have donated recently and are not labeled a "Sanctuary Supporter", let us know and we will get it changed. "Sanctuary Supporters" will get access to more things in the future on the site. Because of payment issues, we have ditched our "Sanctuary Supporters" banners for now. If you know a business that wants their banner on every page of our site, and can donate $25 a month for that opportunity, please let you know!

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