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    13th Annual Gothnic

    I'm still figuring which day to host this gathering, but it will be between June 28 - July 19th. I'll keep y'all posted.


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    Exclamation The later in July the better...plz?

    I know I'm not the only thing to consider here for planning the Gothnic. What with Gay Pride, Taste of Colorado, etc... I'm going in for my final kemo treatment June 15th and I won't be able to go into the sun or get out of the wheelchair till at least mid July at soonest. I try to not miss this event each year, and had to last year because of the cancer surgery. I'd hate to miss two years because of this crappy disease that I'm just one treatment away from the doctors declaring me 'cancer free for good'. If possible to throw this in the mix of considerations, I'd deeply appreciate it. Thanx in advance which ever way you decide.

    Scarlette "The" Harlot Dahm'an
    Punker Boss Lay-D of Denver

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    What's the details on this? Where abouts, etc?

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    It is this Sunday at 4pm at Observatory Park in Denver. It's on Evans and Filmore.

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    Yes this was awesome. I went to some birthdays last night but tonight I'm definitely doing something on this list, maybe sunburnt cow to start.

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