Sun May 26 8:03PM Eastern
i love how rob had:
or sanctuary girl say i love you... the feeling is mutual for u and your listeners & stations 🖤 i don't really have any friends and never found my niche clique or anything all throughout junior or high... i'm 20 and feel like this is the only remotely close place!
Sun May 26 8:05PM Eastern
salem (previous comment):
i can just listen to this all through the night no more social media even if it's pinned as weird music by others.. i might never get out to club turnin 21 in sept bc fuck agoraphobia
Sun May 26 8:09PM Eastern
thank you for being a place for me (a lil loner) and for us 🖤
Sun May 26 8:10PM Eastern
ps rob found you through tune in via my radio app
Sun May 26 8:13PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
Awesome! Thanks for listening!
Mon May 27 2:51AM Eastern
DJ Rob:
Mon May 27 3:05AM Eastern
Mon May 27 3:28AM Eastern
DJ Rob:
Mon May 27 4:17AM Eastern
Hey hey :) great music as everyday. Love it
Mon May 27 5:50AM Eastern
Passenger of Shit - :
Mutilated Phallus