Thu Dec 3 2:07PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
Thu Dec 3 2:41PM Eastern
Is there any trace of techogenetica in this list?
Thu Dec 3 2:42PM Eastern
Thu Dec 3 2:46PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
Yes. I think there's like 7 songs in the request list
Thu Dec 3 2:47PM Eastern
it be a big secret
Thu Dec 3 3:05PM Eastern
please take me behind an alley at night ohgr ill be waiting. i honestly think sometimes? he may be freakier than trent
Thu Dec 3 3:08PM Eastern
Do you have angry johnny by poe? Good one
Thu Dec 3 3:14PM Eastern
Patrick Bateman:
I have to return some videotapes. the ice pick ass cheek eater says hi
Thu Dec 3 3:31PM Eastern
alien overlord:
how do you rewind a DVD?
Thu Dec 3 4:07PM Eastern
Yeah! bunch of request ready! Rob i send list songs in message in fb