Sun Mar 29 4:36PM Eastern
I have a ping to the 204 ms encoder gateway this is from home
Sun Mar 29 4:36PM Eastern
I'll think about new servers? we need to find quality servers
Sun Mar 29 6:25PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
Maybe Level 3 will fix what is going on soon too.
Sun Mar 29 8:32PM Eastern
glad to hear you're feeling better :)
Sun Mar 29 10:20PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
Thanks! I should be on a lot of the say tomorrow hopefully.
Mon Mar 30 1:19AM Eastern
Night and morning ping small 71 ms
Mon Mar 30 5:41AM Eastern
Just 86 so far.. Or mabe 100 who cares and be able to beat the system. It's just about 1% from all listeners. Sad numbers. For me it's even more sad than covid numbers because virus is temporary and human nature is not.
Mon Mar 30 11:51AM Eastern
Rob, can't wait for you to torture us again with the music to donate. At least that will give you something to do. I'm doing ok. Just studying Daytrading during the day while listening to SR. Feel better DJ Rob!
Mon Mar 30 12:14PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
I cam do that. I am updating the totals first and then will be on to do something...
Mon Mar 30 12:15PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
I just checked the ping KastyaK. It is back up to 144ms.