Sat Feb 27 1:10AM Eastern
King Missile! glee!
Sat Feb 27 1:26AM Eastern
Greetings from Colombia
Sat Feb 27 1:31AM Eastern
Sat Feb 27 1:32AM Eastern
thanks for the great mix Rob
Sat Feb 27 1:38AM Eastern
Sat Feb 27 1:49AM Eastern
victor bassaqueiro:
rob are you joking with me...or you have eye problem ?REMOVE THAT CONCEPT LOGO,,,last time warning man.
Sat Feb 27 3:32AM Eastern
DJ Rob:
What are you talking about Victor?
Sat Feb 27 3:49AM Eastern
Victor's Lawyer:
We hereby demand the sum of $10 million for pain and suffering. You better pay up fucker.
Sat Feb 27 4:05AM Eastern
Victor's Lawyer:
I just emailed you the bitcoin link to pay. You have 24 hours.
Sat Feb 27 4:12AM Eastern
Victor's Lawyer:
You have 24 hours rob