Wed Apr 14 5:25PM Eastern
K. with sadness in my heart:
Wed Apr 14 5:34PM Eastern
OMG 50+ old white man music Dust in the Wind ugggghh
Wed Apr 14 5:35PM Eastern
Wed Apr 14 5:47PM Eastern
Having problem with stream again
Wed Apr 14 5:53PM Eastern
try 70+
Wed Apr 14 6:01PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
Which channel and which link are you using WauloK?
Wed Apr 14 6:02PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
I have the embedded player here playing on the Dark Electro Channel and there hasn't been any cutouts for the last couple of songs since I had it going.
Wed Apr 14 6:48PM Eastern
DJ Rob:
Wed Apr 14 7:05PM Eastern
just gonna sit in the dark and drink my sorrows away with a scented candle...... (its not dark yet)
Wed Apr 14 7:29PM Eastern
to Kastyak