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Sanctuary Radio started March 11, 1995 by DJ Rob.

We broadcast 3 channels, LIVE, 24 hours a day.

Thanks to all of the DJ's who have helped Sanctuary over the years!
Chris Rohn, DJ Selarom, DJ Sin, DJ Sn1p3r, DJ Pharoahmoan (RIP), Dr. Beetlejuice (RIP), DJ Celbrytie, END:The DJ.
Support them!

Thanks to
Cire for helping us get flyers and tshirts made!

And a SPECIAL thanks to
Grim who designed our logo!

Thanks to
Pixie, who kept the motivation going so that Sanctuary is still here!

A BIG thanks to
KastyaK for his support and helping us by providing streaming servers and cool web players!

Thanks to
Boo who is the love of my life and has helped me and Sanctuary more than I can put into words!

SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! Buy the music you hear on Sanctuary. If you don't, it could all just go away.

We love to play new cool stuff on our Dark Electro Channel!
If you want your music on Sanctuary, you can email us at with a download link (minimum 320k MP3 quality).

We will not download anything that requires us to register or provide any information. We get over 1000 submissions a week and we just don't have time for that. And any file attached emails will be promptly deleted due to virus concerns.

We will review your submissions and play any tracks if we feel they fit Sanctuary. Since we get so many submissions, we cannot tell you what we are adding.
Please do not bug us asking if we are going to play your songs, or put any conditions on playing it like needing a review or charts and please do not try to make any deals of donating to the station in exchange for playing your music or promoting your band/band events.
We would love it if you supported Sanctuary, but we will not play your music just because you donated or promoted us.


Requests/comments made in our shoutbox will probably NOT be seen by our staff since it takes a lot of our time DJing and just keeping the stations on the air.
We occasionally do look at the shoutbox...but PLEASE if you REALLY want to make a request, use the "Song Requests" links at the top of the page.
And please, no useless spam - like promoting other radio stations, RX pills, or any fishy things or scams!
And drama!

Contact Us With Any Suggestions
(We only accept emails in English and we do not open attachments because virus issues)
Since we get hundreds of emails a day, we cannot reply to every one.


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