We Depend On Listeners Like YOU To Stay Alive!

Let's get right down to why it's so important... it costs us LOT to stay on the air each month - with having to buy new music, pay for studio equipment/maintenance, streaming & web site servers, internet connections, music licensing, etc.

Without your help, a big part of this scene would be gone and the music could go along with it.

lease help keep us on the air by donating now! By giving each month what you would spend on just one cover charge, or a concert ticket, or a night clubbing or a dinner out... or more if you can, you insure we will be here giving you live commercial-free radio that cannot be found anywhere else!

So please, make the effort to support Sanctuary. We'll be there for you (and have been for 25 years), but we desperately need your financial help.
Donating to Sanctuary is very quick and simple.

If you want to make a one-time or a reoccurring donation, just click the 'GIVE TODAY' button below.

Thank you for being an important part of Sanctuary!

You can also
Paypal or Zelle a gift directly to: donations@SanctuaryRadio.com

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If you have trouble donating or have any questions or other issues, email us Contact@SanctuaryRadio.com and we will be glad to help you!

Our Dark Electro Channel is the most listened to and the ONLY LIVE 24/7 goth, industrial station left on the net.

Our Retro 80's channel has access to the biggest music library from classic alternative stations from back in the day like CFNY, WLIR, WDRE, The Quake, Live 105, KROQ and more.

We are lucky to have a great community that supports us and makes Sanctuary Radio possible. Hundreds of listeners all over the world have already become supporters by donating towards our need. Please join them. Thank you to all of you!
Your donations are imperative in keeping Sanctuary on the air! We simply cannot do it without you! Seriously!


Music Licensing
Bulk Discount Rate Through Pronet Music Licensing

Sound Exchange, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN
So We Can Broadcast On The Internet Legally

Example: For each USA listener, it costs us $0.0017 per song, per listener for just the SoundExchange fee.
So for just one month for just SoundExchange: $0.0017 x 12 songs an hour x 24hours a day x 31 days in a month = $15.18 for just one month for one single listener!
We get about 25,000+ total listeners a day!

That doesn't include our fees for ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or SOCAN.

We do get a bulk discount from Pronet, but it is still our far and away most costly bill we have to pay! And it keeps going up, the more listeners we have.



$5500 to $6500 A Month

High Speed Internet Connections

Connects our studios to our web site and streaming servers which get the music to you

$350 A Month

Stream Hosting

Multiple shoutcast, icecast and windows media streams for each channel.

KastyaK has been nice enough to provide us with some streaming slots and servers for free!

$200 A Month

Domain Registrations/Site Web Hosting/Request System Web Hosting

 $100 A Month

Studio Equipment Repair-Upkeep/Software Licenses

Our equipment is running 24/7, so it will eventually break or need maintenance. The studio's also use software we have to pay for to enable the web site to display titles of the songs we play and the request system.

$75 A Month

Buying New Music

Even though we pay for music licensing, we still have to also buy the music we play for you.

$50 to $500 A Month

Total Costs:

$6275 to $7725 A Month
$206 to $254 A Day
(varies mostly due to amount of listeners tuning in and how that affects music licensing fees)


In addition to your donations, we also need YOUR help to let people know about us. The more visitors we have to our web site and tune in, the more you insure we will grow and survive!
Please take a second to tell everyone you can to listen to your Sanctuary! And to join our Facebook and Twitter pages! Thanks for helping YOUR station!