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Dark Electro Channel
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Sanctuary Radio's Dark Electro Channel
Dark Electro, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Goth Tunes
LIVE 24 HOURS A DAY - on your computer, mobile/cell phone, tablet, media player, smart tv & more!

Let us know ( if any third party sites/devices or apps are having issues with our streams. Please feel free to let them know first that the most current/updated links are listed here.


Sanctuary Radio Embedded Player

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops & much more


Sanctuary's Dark Electro Channel
On TuneIn Radio

*Not Supported By Us

But you can try to use it. We are listed on their site. But they run commercials on our feeds and song titles aren't always updated.

*UK - TuneIn Feeds Are Not Available In The UK Due To Legal Issues Between TuneIn & Music Licensing Companies. Not Within Our Control. Use A VPN...

Or Just Use Our Embedded Player Above - Which Is Much Better Anyway!



On the Amazon Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Spot and Show:
"Alexa, play Sanctuary Radio Dark Electro Channel."

WiFi radios And Receivers
We're also listed in the station directories of almost all WiFi radios and receivers, usually under "alternative" or "rock" or "industrial". You can also try searching for "Sanctuary Radio".

On Your TV
FireTV Or Roku or on your Smart TV
There are many options! Use the TuneIn Radio apps, Streaming apps, Browser apps listening through our web site


Sanctuary Radio Dark Electro
MAIN Listen Link

192k Shoutcast MP3 Stream
Listen with WinAmp, Shoutcast, iTunes

Links For Other Devices
In Case The Link Above Doesn't Work




KastyaK's Servers

1200k Lossless FLAC UltraHQ
Make sure to use a player that supports FLAC.
VLC, Foobar2000, Chrome, etc

Western Hemisphere - Americas

1200k Lossless FLAC UltraHQ
Make sure to use a player that supports FLAC.
VLC, Foobar2000, Chrome, etc

Eastern Hemisphere - Europe

320k Shoutcast MP3
Western Hemisphere - Americas

320k Shoutcast MP3
Eastern Hemisphere - Europe

128k Icecast AAC

64k Icecast AAC Mobile Lower Quality



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Sanctuary Radio Can Be Found On The Bat Player For Roku!
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