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Sanctuary is rebuilding our music library and needs your help! We have a lot digitally, but we are trying to build the largest archive of Dark Electro, EBM, Industrial, Goth, 80s Alternative CDs (compact discs). If you have any CDs of bands that we play on any of our channels (anything from VNV to Covenant to Depeche Mode to New Order) that you would like to donate, please shoot DJ Rob an email for our mailing address! No burned discs... only ones from the factory. Used CDs aren't worth much these days, but they can be if we can build the biggest library in the world together! Thanks for your help!

Thanks to Daniel who has donated a bunch of CDs!
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Tonight (11/30/23) at Midnight Eastern is the deadline for us to raise our November financial need so we can stay on the air. We only ask for half of our total costs from you, but we still need almost $2000 today. Please keep us alive with a donation before it's too late. We don't want to have to go away for good. Thanks for your generous donations and supporting your independent, LIVE 24/7, non-corporate, non-commercial, non-profit, non-bullshit, Sanctuary Radio!

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Weird Al Disses Spotify In Year-End Video Message To Fans On Spotify

"I had over 80 million streams on Spotify this year. So, if I'm doing the math right, that means I earned... $12," Weird Al said in his recorded message on Spotify. "Enough to get myself a nice sandwich at a restaurant."


November 2023 Sanctuary Contributing Family
104 So Far Out Of Over 30,000 Listeners A Day!

DJ Rob Paid $4,411. November Donations Needed $4,411 Plus
January-October 2023 Shortages $19,159.87 = $23,570.87

Nicholas $15, Wraith517 $4.55, Brian $10, James Weikert Original Art $15, Kevin M. $9.41, Craig H. $10, Longpig13 $25, Erik K. $10, Christian $10, lawrence $20, Gabe $15, Andreas $50, Benjamin $15, Wilhelm $50, Guy-KC5GOI $50, Jens $5, Ed $100, Maz $76, Eric S. $5, JeffJeff $5.55, Things From Mom`s Basement + Mind over matter tattoo piercing $5, SkaZ $25, Jeffrey A. $20, Robert $20, Bruno $20, Henning $30, Benji and Mooey Bear $10, Markus W. $20, Rabinder $50, András $20, Kauri $100, James B. $25, Bradley $10, Swen $15, tangel476 $10, Markus P. $20, Matthew L. $24.60, Bernd $5, Toby $5, Zoran $10, stalt $50, Alaric $20, Stephen $30, BESToronto Inc $5, Harry $15, Erik N. $13.31, Grinfish $20, Nyssa the Hobbit $50, Matt $10, Jade $50, H1~~ $2, david b. $10, Johnathan & Christian $300, Dennis $150, xavier $3, Matthew M. $50, Dr. PEZ $20, $5, Jonas $100, AJRez $242.23, AliceDra $20, Vladimir $10, ANTONIS $5, Ian $5, Barbara S. $10, Lancer242 $100, andy $10, Tristan $5, Christopher $5, Frank $10, John D. $5, Bernd $5, Brandy $5, Michael G. $15, Onyx1 $5, Roadracerx72 $20, andrea $5, Winter's Holy Hand $50, Daina $50, carsten $20.92, Gary $20, Mindflyer XS $50, Robert $40, Queenie $100, Joseph $5, Eric D. $25, Enrico $17.83, Halo33 $20, GreyAuror $20, matthew g. $5, Claus $10, Eric R. $10, Violenttrees $25, Claudia $10, Barbara A. $5, Martiana $10, john d. $30, Cire $35, Paul B $15, Dominic $20, Willem (NL) $10, Renate $10, Valerie $20, John H. $25

Donations Updated: November 30, 2023 11:59 PM Eastern Time


Need to buy something from AMAZON today? Please buy it by clicking here and using this link. This site receives a small portion of each purchase, which is added to our donations amount. Thank you!


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November 2023 DONATION NEED
Sanctuary Radio Is Made Possible By Our Community & Listeners Like You!

It Costs Us $230 A Day To Be On The Air!

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Raised 59% Of November Bills Need

November Half Of Bills = $4,411 PLUS $19,159.87 January - October Donation Shortages
= $23,570.87


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